Top 5 Places to Travel in April

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Spring is almost here and it's time to hit the road! As winter disappears into memory, flowers are blooming in green spaces around the world and people are getting into the summer mood with festivals and celebrations in the sunny months ahead. Whether you're taking a spring break vacation or setting off on a tour around the world, April is the perfect month for a travel journey full of springtime surprises and outdoor adventure. Here are our top travel destinations particularly suited for an adventure in April.

Holland & Belgium

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For biking in April, it doesn't get better than taking a scenic spin through the low countries. Combine the legendary cycling cultures of Belgium and the Netherlands--where there are more bikes than people--with enchanting medieval villages and the famous mid-April tulip blooms of Holland and you've got a picture-perfect vacation! Pedal through idyllic landscapes of windmills, wheat-fields, thatch-roofed cottages and fields of stunning pink tulips. Take a break to enjoy a sweet stroopwafel, a cold bottle of famous Belgiuan beer or some gouda cheese in the town where it's been sold since the 10th century. If you're looking for a break from the bustle of everyday life into a truly idyllic setting, a bike tour in Holland & Belgium is just the ticket. Check out Backroads Netherland & Belgium Bike Tour!

Santa Barbara & Ojai California

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Everyone knows Los Angeles, but there's another side of southern California that most never see. The area from the Santa Ynez Valley to Ojai, located just north of L.A., is a pastoral, sun-baked paradise. From the hip culture and nostalgic Spanish architecture of Santa Barbara to Los Olivos, California's "other Wine Country," everyone can find something to enjoy in this time-capsule of 1960's California, where life is lived between the beaches and the mountains. April is the perfect time to visit: before the summer heat arrives, locals and tourists alike bask in the balmy springtime, gathering for long outdoor meals, concerts, and festivals like the Santa Barbara Vintners Festival Weekend. To celebrate good food, good wine, and the natural beauty of California in the springtime, there's no place like here. Check out Backroads Santa Barbara to Ojai Bike Tour!


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While there is not a bad time of year to visit Toscana, the central Italian region celebrated for its rich cultural and artistic history, a visit during the month of April is sure to satisfy.  You'll get to experience the best of Tuscany--quaint Italian villages, roads winding through rich green hills and delicious wine and coffee--all without the oppressive heat or crowds of the summer! April in Tuscany is an exciting time: you'll see workers pruning the olive trees, the vines in the vineyards are beginning to regrow their summer leaves and all the countryside is verdant and lush--the perfect backdrop for a cycling or hiking adventure. Be warned...the first day of April is called "Pesce d'Aprile," or literally "April Fish," the Italian version of April Fool's Day. Tradition calls for students to go around taping paper drawings or cut-outs of fish to the backs of unsuspecting strangers. your back! Check out Backroads Tuscany Tours!

Florida Keys

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April is the sweet spot for an active vacation in the Sunshine State. You'll be able to enjoy balmy summer temperatures while catching the tail end of the dry season--perfect conditions for wildlife-spotting in the Everglades, sailing over massive coral reefs or cycling along newly-built trails through the lush Florida wilderness. As well, you'll be able to savor the incredible culinary traditions of the Keys such as feasting on fresh seafood caught by local fisherman while enjoying warm nights and lively outdoor dining in small towns along the way. For a vacation that's both relaxing and stimulating, you can't go wrong with Florida in April. Check out Backroads Florida Keys Multi-Adventure Tour!

Ecuador and the Galápagos

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From snow-capped Andean peaks to the enticing tropical waters of the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador is a place of surprising beauty and remarkable stillness. Visitors in April arrive in time to enjoy the tail-end of the dry season with a relative scarcity of tourists, setting you up for a memorable adventure in South America. Where else can you swim in clear-blue tropical waters with sea turtles, colorful tropical fish and sea lions followed by a trek through untouched jungle where the legacy of the ancient Incan Empire captivates your imagination? For exploring, wandering and hiking in April, Ecuador is the ultimate destination off the beaten path. Check out Backroads Ecuador Tours!


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