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    Canada Walking & Hiking

Walk & Hike with Us in Canada

Whether you like to hike a little or a lot, we’ve got a spot on the perfect trail for you in Canada. Enjoy peaceful walks on coastal and country lanes as you journey from Nova Scotia’s pristine Bay of Fundy to the South Shore. Or have a peak experience in three national parks, hiking in the Canadian Rockies amid evergreen forests, turquoise lakes and glacier-capped mountains.
New in 2017: Canadian Rockies Heli-Hiking Tour

Candian Rockies Heli-Hiking Tour

Canadian Rockies Heli-Hiking Tour

Glaciers & Lakes from Banff to the Columbia Mountains
C Classic NEW Premiere Inns
B Family Breakaway NEW Premiere Inns
Canadian Rockies Walking and Hiking Tour

Canadian Rockies Walking & Hiking Tour

Banff, Kootenay & Yoho National Parks
C Classic Premiere Inns
Nova Scotia Walking and Hiking Tour

Nova Scotia Walking & Hiking Tour

Journey from the Bay of Fundy to the South Shore
C Classic Casual Inns