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Ready to discover the Land of Fire and Ice? It lives up to its nickname, and on our Iceland tours, we’ll discover the most dramatic sights of this one-of-a-kind country. From the massive glaciers that dominate the island’s interior to the stunning sights of the Ring Road, black-sand beaches, migrating puffins, breaching whales and more, these Iceland trips will take you off the tourist trail and deep into the country’s wild, elemental landscapes.

Whether you’re hiking the volcanic valleys of Thórsmörk, exploring Thingvellir—the site of Europe’s oldest parliament—or discovering the rugged Snæfellsness Peninsula, our Iceland tours are the best way to explore this waterfall-dotted country. Hiking and biking through jaw-dropping landscapes and watching as volcanoes and glaciers work to remake the earth before our eyes, you’ll be amazed at the sheer beauty and power of nature here.

On top of that, we also enjoy luxurious, chic hotels, incredible local cuisine like langoustine soup and fresh Icelandic lamb, and fascinating encounters with local characters like traditional storytellers, fishermen and glacier guides. Ready for an unforgettable adventure? Join us on one of our Iceland tours to discover the magic of the land where faeries and elves abound.

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Iceland - Gullfoss Falls

Easygoing Multi-Adventure Tour Iceland's Volcanic Highlands

Dolce Tempo Journey among Mountains, Waterfalls & Geothermal Splendor

Waterfall - Iceland Ocean Cruise Walking & Hiking Tour

Iceland by Sea Ocean Cruise Walking & Hiking Tour

Passage to the Land of Fire & Ice

Iceland Northern Lights Multi-Adventure Tour

Iceland Northern Lights Multi-Adventure Tour

Winter Wonder in the Land of Glaciers & Volcanoes

Iceland Walking & Hiking Tours

Iceland Walking & Hiking Tour

Ice Caves, Waterfalls & Geothermal Pools

Iceland Multi-Adventure Hiking in Canyon

Iceland's Dramatic Southern Coast Multi-Adventure Tour

The Awe-Inspiring Land of Fire & Ice

Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

Iceland's Volcanic Highlands Multi-Adventure Tour

Majestic Mountains, Waterfalls & Geothermal Splendor