Top 5 Places to Travel in March

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March is the time of year for passionate renewal. As the cold winter draws to a close and the frozen earth begins to thaw, new life is triggered to embark on a timeless journey. Plants and flowers make their way through the darkness of the underworld to meet the nourishing rays of the springtime sun. For us, mere mortals, springtime arrives to rekindle within us an intense desire to connect with the beauty of the natural world.  And if you need a little nudge to get into that springtime mood, there's no better way than to pack your bags and hit the road. March is a great time to travel...where festivals, friendly weather and untouched trails await you in the far corners of the globe. Put a little spring in your step and get out there!


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Traveling in Iceland during the month of March means you get the unique pleasure of experiencing the best of two seasons at once. After a long icy winter, the stubborn snow starts to melt and with it go the long dark nights of Icelandic winter. In the early springtime you'll be able to enjoy some of the things that make Iceland a famous summer destination like camping, hiking and the country's beautiful waterfalls and cliffs. Lucky for you, visiting Iceland in March means that you'll also be able to enjoy the advantages of Iceland's winter months. March is the last month of the year when it's still safe to explore the country's famous ice caves. You've also got a good shot at seeing the northern lights. Add to that the shoulder season's relative lack of crowds and March is the perfect month for an Icelandic adventure. Skal! Check out Backroads Iceland Northern Lights Multi-Adventure Tour!

Death Valley

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Don't let the name fool you...California's Death Valley is a place of extreme beauty--from sprawling desert landscapes, to surprising displays of thriving flora and fauna, to the colorful mountains rising in the distance. If you long for a taste of summertime biking in March, this is the place to get it! Set your course for Death Valley where the average temperature at this time of year tops out at a mild 80 degrees. And if there's been a rainy winter, the desert will put on a floral display that is absolutely stunning. It gets too hot for the flowers in early April, so don't miss it! Check out Backroads Death Valley Bike Tour!


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There's nothing like an Indian summer south of the equator! In Chile, the month of March arrives at the tail-end of their long hot season. Just when it's starting to cool off in Patagonia, home of endless untouched plains and the famous gauchos, it's still quite pleasant in central Chile and the Chilean Andes, where you'll find some of the best views, the tastiest food and the friendliest people you'll ever encounter. Explore quaint German villages tucked away in mountain passes and the living history of indigenous Chilean cultures. Take in views of the stunning landscapes of rolling hills, cliffs and waterfalls. On top of all of that, March happens to be the peak of the Chilean wine season! You can find dozens of festivals celebrating the grape and its long history in Chile. For enjoying delicious food, wine and hiking in March, Chile is the place to be. Check out Backroads Chile Trips!


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March is the ideal time for an active vacation in the vast desert setting of Arizona. By now, the winter chill has faded away, leaving you with temperate weather and blue skies. Best of all, the late-spring crowds have yet to arrive! It's just you and the colorful desert...dramatic red cliffs, rolling blue rivers and the freedom of the open road or trail to enjoy at your leisure by bicycle or by foot. Early spring is also a time of cultural events like the Tucson Festival of Books and of course, the Cactus League Spring Training! Who says the desert is boring? Check out Backroads Arizona Trips!

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This Mediterranean island paradise is a popular year-round destination for cyclists, hikers and lovers of adventure. Although there isn't really a bad time to visit Mallorca, the month of March holds a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Every year since 1983, on the first day of March, Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands celebrate their status as an autonomous region of Spain. Then, just as those festivities slowly dissipate into the mild spring air, the extravagant Spanish Easter celebrations begin! This is the perfect combination of time and place. The towering peaks and dramatic cliffs of the Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will thrill your eyes and challenge your legs whether you tackle them on foot or by bike. The beautiful white beaches and bright-blue waters of the island will make you feel so at ease you'll forget you ever left home. Treat yourself to a Mediterranean March this year in Mallorca! Check out Backroads Mallorca Trips! 



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