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The Western Highlands of Scotland are one of the United Kingdom's most magical destinations, brimming with history, culture and scenery that will stop you in your tracks—then make you want to keep hiking! We're delighted to take you through this adventurer’s paradise on our Scotland tours, passing through dramatic landscapes, remote villages, ancient glens, rugged coastlines and heathered moors that evoke storybooks and ancient kingdoms. There’s no place more perfect for adventurous travelers than Scotland, where history overflows in every small town and ancient footpaths crisscross verdant hills and towering clifftops. Will you join us here for an unforgettable adventure? 

On our Scotland tours, you’ll savor superb cuisine, end your days in former castles and hunting lodges and meet warm and friendly locals. Backroads has deep roots in the Land of Lochs, and our local connections and years of knowledge open the door for you to experience a different side of the country. Discover charming Edinburgh, with its vibrant community of artists, actors and raconteurs. Explore the Highlands, where rugged cliffsides give way to unforgettable misty views and sheep outnumber people. And enjoy the classic Scottish ambience of properties like St. Andrews, where generations of travelers and locals have kicked up their feet to relax after a long day in the countryside. 

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Scotland Bike Tour Rural Road

Scotland Bike Tour

Edinburgh, St. Andrews & Scottish Castles

Scotland Walking & Hiking Tour

Scotland Walking & Hiking Tour

Scottish Highlands: Inverness & Isle of Skye

Scotland walking and hiking tours

Scotland Walking & Hiking Tour

Scottish Highlands-Loch Ness & Isle of Skye