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Can this mountain landscape, with its sparkling waterfalls, virgin forests, sculpted valleys and ice-glazed peaks, truly exist? It’s something to ponder as you hike through alpine meadows and dense stands of red cedar on our Montana tours. Or while biking on Going-to-the-Sun Road, viewing one of the finest panoramas in northwest Montana. Is that really a bighorn sheep perched on the edge of a bluff? Amazing to consider. Even better to actually experience.

This is the Wild West—the land of bison, ranches and sprawling glacial valleys. But it’s more than that. On our trips to Montana, we journey through the myth and into the real place—the sun-kissed valleys, peaceful forests and sparkling rivers that make this state so incredible. Our Montana tours combine the best of the west with elegant hotels and delectable ranch-to-table meals. The result? One unforgettable trip.

Join us on one of our Montana adventures to discover the best of this western wilderness. Our deep roots in the region make all the difference, with hand-picked hotels and off-the-beaten-path routes to help you delve into the heart of this iconic destination. Combining incredible hiking and biking in some of the American West’s most beautiful landscapes with luxurious hotels and incredible food, our Montana tours are the perfect way to elevate your vacation into an adventure. Will you join us?

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