England Walking & Hiking Tours

Enchanted by British country life? Come experience pastoral England with Backroads. Follow centuries-old routes across gently rolling hills, past peaceful lakes, rivers, wide-open pastures and storybook villages. Journey leisurely from inn to inn, pausing to exchange greetings with the locals and admire some of England’s finest scenery.

View of Tintagel island, Cornwall, England
Walking & Hiking

England's Cornwall Walking & Hiking Tour

White-Sand Beaches & Charming Coastal Villages in the Footsteps of King Arthur

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English countryside - Backroads England Walking and Hiking Tour
Walking & Hiking

Cotswolds England Walking & Hiking Tour

Castles, Gardens & the Cotswold Way

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Easygoing Walking Tour England
Dolce tempo

England Easygoing Walking Tour

Dolce Tempo Journey among Castles, Gardens & the Cotswold Way

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