Top 5 Places to Travel in June

Preview Scotland Isle of Skye - Scottish Highlands
Quiraing mountains in Isle of Skye, Scottish highlands, United Kingdom

Summer is here! Long, hot days, short nights, no school: it's time to travel. June is a great month to travel across Europe, North America and the rest of the world, as cultures from Quebec to Germany are taking a deep breath and leaning into a slower pace of life. June is a time of festivals, of family time, of exotic adventures and challenging yourself to try something new. Here are our top destinations for the month.

1. Provence

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This idyllic region, tucked away in the southern corner of France, seems like it comes straight from a picture-book. You'll get to cycle and hike through quaint towns, sample the finest French food and wine, and drink in the incredible vistas and mountaintops that have made Provence a destination for outdoor adventurers of all stripes. June is the perfect time to visit, before the true heat of July and August but warm enough to enjoy a glass of chilled rosé (a regional delicacy) on the terrace at sunset. And you'll be there at just the right time to enjoy Provence's famous lavender fields in full bloom--a purple backdrop for your perfect adventure. For hiking or biking in June, Provence is a playground of adventure and wonder. You'll love it so much you might want to stay.

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2. England and Scotland

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view on Portree before sunset, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The British Isles' famously wet climate makes them a great destination for June: you'll miss the worst of the rain and avoid the rising temperatures of the rest of Europe and North America, all while hiking or cycling through bucolic landscapes of rolling green hills and centuries-old villages. You'll travel from inn to inn enjoying the food, beer, whisky, and hospitality of friendly locals. And you'll feel yourself immersed in the centuries-old culture of rambling in the British Isles, where there are no trespassing laws--walk where you like! On top of all that, June is the prime time for film and music festivals across England and Scotland. This June, think about making the trip to the British Isles.

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3. Camino de Santiago

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Tom Casalino (Guest) on the Camino de Santiago hiking tour

This ancient trail has a long history as the preferred route for pilgrims and spiritual adventure-seekers. Today, it's famous as a destination for hikers and cyclists, both as a physical challenge and as a spiritual journey. The route, which crosses through Spain and Portugal, passes through mountain passes, sleepy colonial towns, and historical religious sites. June is the best time to hike it: the snow on the mountains is all but guaranteed to have melted, and the oppressive heat of July and August has yet to set in. Walking through the Mediterranean summer, stopping for a glass of port or some delicious tapas at a roadside bar, you'll feel fulfilled in more ways than one. For hiking in June, the Camino de Santiago is a divine choice.

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4. Quebec

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This idyllic region in the east of Canada famously feels more like Europe than North America, and once you're here it's easy to see why. You'll experience quaint villages of white-walled cottages, bucolic rolling hills and ocean vistas, and the famous artisan culture of the region, all while enjoying some of the finest farm-to-table cuisine in the world. In June, the banks of the St. Lawrence River are teeming with birds and, if you're lucky, the beluga whales are breaching in the bay. Temperatures are mild, and Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, on the 24th, is one of the biggest holidays in French Canada. There's something special about Quebec in June--a certain je ne sais quoi.

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5. South Africa and Botswana

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For a lesson in contrasts, it doesn't get much better than an active safari vacation to South Africa and Botswana. From the cosmopolitan cityscape of Cape Town, where you can find dressed-up cuisine and nightlife to rival New York City, to the dusty back roads where giraffes, lions and elephants roam wild, this region is sure to surprise and stimulate you at every season. June is officially the first month of winter in South Africa, which means that the animals will begin to congregate at watering holes and become easier to find. It's also the prime month for whale watching, as the humpback whales will begin to arrive to the warmer waters off the cape for calving season. For an adventure you and your family are sure to remember forever, South Africa and Botswana in June are the perfect destination.

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