Oregon Biking & Hiking Adventure Tours

It's been said that Oregon’s Crater Lake "defies the limited power of words to convey the full range of its magic." The state’s lush Willamette Valley boasts almost double the number of wineries as Napa Valley. The Cascades, a unique mountain range in the West due to its volcanic origin, offer an alpine paradise of snowy peaks, hidden lakes and dense conifer forests. And the spectacular Columbia River Gorge lays claim to one of the tallest (and dreamiest!) year-round waterfalls in the country. We think you’ll agree, Oregon is a destination worthy of exploration! Whether by bike, on foot or from the water, you'll be immersed in clean mountain air and panoramic views that seem to be stolen from a postcard. Here you can experience a beautiful part of America that feels untouched. Join our Oregon vacations and get set for big-time fun in the Pacific Northwest as you get to know a national park and the rural landscapes that many wish to see but so few ever do.

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Woman jumping off of cliff into Crater Lake, OR

Bend Oregon Multi-Adventure Tour

Crater Lake, Smith Rock & the Deschutes River

Oregon Multi-Adventure Tour - Active Weekend Getaway

Oregon's Bend Multi-Adventure Tour - Weekend Getaway

Mountain Town Charms, Splendid State Parks & the Deschutes River

Crater Lake Bike Tour Riders Overlooking Lake

Oregon's Cascades & Crater Lake Bike Tour

Bend, Three Sisters & the Deschutes River

Crater Lake, Oregon

Oregon's Cascades & Crater Lake Multi-Adventure Tour

National Park Playground in the Pacific Northwest

Columbia River Gorge Biking Past Vineyards

Oregon's Columbia River Gorge & Willamette Valley Bike Tour

Waterfalls & Wine Country in the Pacific Northwest

Person standing in front of a huge waterfall
Dolce tempo

Oregon's Columbia River Gorge Easygoing Multi-Adventure Tour

Dolce Tempo Journey among Willamette Valley Vineyards & Pacific Northwest Waterfalls

Columbia River Gorge Biking Past Vineyards

Oregon's Columbia River Gorge Multi-Adventure Tour

Willamette Valley Vineyards & Pacific Northwest Waterfalls

Crater Lake Hiking Trip - View from Crater Rim
Walking & Hiking

Oregon's Crater Lake & Cascades Walking & Hiking Tour

National Park Adventure in the Pacific Northwest