Active River Cruises

River Cruise Walking & River Cruise Biking

Our active river cruises span the globe, featuring luxurious small ships and incredible biking and hiking in some of the world’s most beautiful places. Whether your interests lead you to castles along the Danube or colorful markets along the Mekong, you’re sure to love these river cruises, which give you the comfort, flexibility and convenience you need to enjoy an epic active adventure on and off the boat.

With classic Backroads-style biking, walking and hiking, along with superlative support for every pace, these excursions are a different kind of river cruise. Discover the magic of active river cruises with Backroads on these unique adventures, the best way to explore the world. Only unpack once and enjoy the unmistakable magic of discovering your destination actively. Choose from River Cruise Biking or River Cruise Walking.

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