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Ready to feel the sun on your face? From the peaks of Catalonia’s Pyrenees to the pedal-perfect coastal roads of Mallorca, Spain is impossible to resist. Backroads walking, hiking and biking tours showcase the best of one of Europe’s most enticing regions. If you are craving the taste of tapas, fresh seafood and delectable wines or longing for the passion of a fiery flamenco ballad, it is time to book an extraordinary adventure vacation en España!

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Group of guests walking on cliffs edge, large craggy island, ocean to their left.
Dolce tempo

A Taste of Camino de Santiago Easygoing Walking Tour

Dolce Tempo Journey from Portugal to Spain
Bird's eye shot of coastal city, beaches ocean, forest in foreground.
Walking & Hiking

Costa Brava to Spanish Pyrenees Walking & Hiking Tour

Catalonia's Dramatic Coastline & Idyllic Mountains
Gordes, Provence, France
Walking & Hiking

Provence to Costa Brava Walking & Hiking Tour

Village to Village from the South of France to Coastal Spain & Barcelona
Shot of the Plaza de Cibeles, Spanish flags flying around it.

Spain's Madrid to Valencia Bike Tour

Wine & Paella from Dramatic Gorges to Mediterranean Beaches
Biker riding around a bend on the coast of Mallorca.

Spain's Mallorca & Menorca Bike Tour

A Two-Island Adventure in the Mediterranean
Rocky inlet, stripes lighthouse in distance.
Walking & Hiking

Spain's Mallorca & Menorca Walking & Hiking Tour

Majestic Mediterranean Peaks to Island Coves & Beaches
Wide shot of winery, vineyard, hills during sunset.
Dolce tempo

Spain's Mallorca Easygoing E-bike Tour

Dolce Tempo Journey on a Classic Mediterranean Isle
Bird's eye shot of mountainous valley, town, golden fields below.

Spanish Pyrenees to Costa Brava Bike Tour

Barcelona, Glorious Peaks & Mediterranean Beaches
Two guests in bike gear overlooking countryside, tan stone houses, trees all around.

Spanish Pyrenees to Costa Brava Bike Tour

Barcelona, Spanish Flavors, Peaks & Beaches
Shot of Costa Brava coastline, blue water, tan and white buildings.
Dolce tempo

Spanish Pyrenees to Costa Brava Easygoing E-bike Tour

A Dolce Tempo Journey from Barcelona to Glorious Peaks & Mediterranean Beaches

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