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Extraordinary cultural odysseys are in store when you travel with Backroads. Whether you're biking past Buddhist temples in Thailand, kayaking in Vietnam's Halong Bay or hiking in New Zealand, you'll have the experience of a lifetime.

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Bali Rice Terraces

Bali Bike Tour

Sacred Temples, Beaches & Rice Terraces

Tiger's Nest, Bhutan

Bhutan Multi-Adventure Tour

Rich Buddhist Culture & Sacred Himalayan Peaks

Buddha, Bhutan

Bhutan Walking & Hiking Tour

Buddhist Culture, Himalayan Peaks & Tiger's Nest

Oberoi Udaivilas on Backroads India Multisport Tour

India Multi-Adventure Tour

Rajasthan's Caravan Routes & Desert Palaces

Japan Bike Tour

Japan Bike Tour

The Noto Peninsula to Kyoto

Japan by Sea Ocean Cruise Walking & Hiking Tour

Japan by Sea Ocean Cruise Walking & Hiking Tour

Ancient Traditions & the Sea of Japan

Backroads Japan Walking & Hiking Tour

Japan Walking & Hiking Tour

Imperial Kyoto to the Alps

Hiking - New Zealand Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure Tour

New Zealand by Sea Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure Tour

North & South Islands - Milford Sound to Auckland

New Zealand Multi-Adventure Tour

New Zealand Multi-Adventure Tour

North Island Adventure: Auckland to Hawke's Bay

Bikers in New Zealand

New Zealand Multi-Adventure Tour

South Island from Christchurch to Queenstown

Hiking on Backroads New Zealand walking and hiking tour

New Zealand Walking & Hiking Tour

South Island: Christchurch to Queenstown

Backroads Thailand Bike Tours

Thailand Bike Tour

The Golden Triangle from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Biking on Backroads Vietnam and Cambodia Bike Tour

Vietnam & Cambodia Bike Tour

Hanoi to Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Vietnam & Cambodia Bike Tour

Hanoi to Angkor Wat

Backroads Vietnam  & Combodia Adventure Tour

Vietnam & Cambodia Walking & Hiking Tour

A Journey on Halong Bay to Majestic Angkor Wat

Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos River Cruise Bike Tour

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Mekong River Cruise Bike Tour

Cycle & Sail along the Mighty Mekong

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