Active Ocean Cruises

Ocean Cruise Walking, Biking or Multi-Adventure

Experience classic Backroads active travel combined with the relaxation and luxury of small ocean ships. Cruises are an exhilarating way to find both adventure and ease—all around the world! Nature lovers, picture yourself hiking among penguins in Antarctica, swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands or exploring a volcanic crater in Iceland. For history buffs, rich Polynesian culture awaits in Tahiti, as does ancient Greece and a Venetian legacy from Venice to Croatia.

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Hikers trekking up a snowy hill in Antarctica with a cruise ship anchored in the background

Antarctica Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure Tour

Penguins, Icebergs, Glaciers & Epic Grandeur
Small Luxury Ships
Line of guests on lakeside, arms above head, large mountain vista behind them.
Walking & Hiking

Chile Patagonia & Fjords Cruise Walking & Hiking Tour

Fjords, Cape Horn & Torres del Paine
Wide shot of Croatian coastal town, boats, blue water, hills, etc.

Croatia Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure Tour

Biking, Hiking & Cruising along the Adriatic Coast
Lakes Mountains Ecuador

Galápagos Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure Tour

Sailing through Ecuador's Enchanted Isles
Small Luxury Ships
Aerial view of buildings all along the shore of a body of water, mountains in the distance

Greece & Croatia Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure Tour

Coastal Mediterranean Odyssey from Athens to Dubrovnik
Palm trees and white sand beaches in Tahiti

Tahiti Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure Tour

Sailing Idyllic Isles from Tahiti to Bora Bora
Small Luxury Ships