Top 5 Places to Travel in November

There's no doubt about it... winter is on the horizon. And while it might not be perfect beach weather outside, there's still plenty of vacationing to do! From warm weather sojourns south of the equator to snowy vacations up north, the month of November offers plenty of excitement for you and your family, no matter what kind of travel experience you're after. Here are our top travel destinations during the month of November:

California Wine Country

California Wine Country - Biking in Autumn

Northern California, with its bounty of fresh food, fine wine and stunning landscapes, is an idyllic destination that attracts visitors during all seasons of the year. But in November, the pastoral landscapes and winery tasting-tables are a bit less crowded--making it the perfect destination for a getaway with your loved ones. During late autumn, the landscapes of Sonoma and Napa Valley are crisscrossed with solitary hiking trails and dotted with beautiful viewpoints. And if you're a cyclist, it's hard to beat the scenic, winding Californian roads that bring plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself in the saddle! The late fall colors of the region are stunning, and the local culture is thriving as well, with events like the Napa Valley Film Festival happening in early November. Northern California is full of unforgettable getaways!

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New Zealand

New Zealand Hiking

While you may think you have seen some extraordinary landscapes on your travels, unless you've been to New Zealand you might want to reconsider that idea. Hands down, nothing tops the epic natural beauty of New Zealand. From the stunning Tasman Sea to active glaciers to pristine white-sand beaches, everything here seems to defy the imagination. You really must  see it to believe it and November is the perfect time to go! With fewer visitors than during the peak season and weather warm enough for you to relax and enjoy the views, the month of November is certainly a sweet spot. It's the last month of spring in the southern hemisphere and the locals are gearing up for summer with events like the Irish Festival in Auckland and Toast Martinborough, a food and wine festival near Wellington. You'll be amazed at the majestic natural beauty of this country whether you're enjoying it on a bike or on your own two feet--and you just might find yourself flabbergasted... because words truly don't do it justice.

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Bicycling in Bali with Backroads

The term 'island paradise' can sometimes be overused. But when you're referring to the island of Bali, I can assure you that it is no exaggeration. This little piece of Indonesia is truly a place where you can do it all. From bustling markets to remote walking trails on overgrown volcanoes, Bali has more than enough cultural and natural wealth to satisfy even the most discerning of travelers. During November, you might have to tolerate a little bit of rain but with the average temperatures in the 80s, it becomes part of the adventure. You'll be able to cycle on back roads to pass through traditional villages, eat delicious and spicy food and for hiking in November, Bali's many jungle tracks and ancient temples offer an experience like no other. For an otherworldly November vacation, Bali is the right choice.

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Nepal Pedestrian River Bridge

A tiny country perched high in the Himalayan Mountains between China and India, Nepal is a haven for trekkers and place of great spiritual energy. From the prayer flags fluttering in the wind to the jagged mountain peaks, everything here seems imbued with a significance far beyond the everyday. November is a great month to visit Nepal, as it falls just after the October tourist peak but is still early enough that most trails are still accessible. From the bustling markets of Kathmandu to the dramatic jagged spires of the mountains to Chitwan National Park where rhinoceroses and Bengal tigers hide in the brush, there's little you're likely to experience in Nepal that won't surprise and excite you. If you're looking for a destination where you can combine rich culture, cuisine and hiking... Nepal is a divine choice.



Iceland Waterfalls

The waters in the far north of the Atlantic Ocean encircle an island nation that attracts millions of visitors every summer. A top-tier destination with dramatic waterfalls and cliffs, pastoral landscapes of grazing sheep and awe-inspiring glaciers and volcanoes, Iceland's natural beauty can astonish even the most seasoned of travelers. For hardier tourists, however, a late autumn or winter trip might be just the thing--falling snow turns the country into a winter wonderland and the glaciers and volcanoes are just waiting to be summited by way of snowmobiles and super jeeps or on foot with ice-axes and crampons. During November, Iceland is quite peaceful, having bid farewell to the mobs of 'fair-weather' summertime tourists. Even better, chances are you'll find plenty of friendly locals to chat with at the hip bars and coffee shops in the capital city of Reykjavík. Opt for an active November vacation in Iceland... the elusive Northern Lights may just provide the perfect backdrop for your adventure!

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Iceland Valley

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