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Travel with Us on Our Utah Tours

Think of the most iconic image you've ever seen in print or on the big screen of the wild American west and chances are you're picturing Utah. Expansive deserts, red rock canyons, truly wondrous rock formations and landscapes that will leave you breathless to behold. Join us to explore the spectacular world of Southern Utah and discover places as extraordinary as any in the world. A world-famous destination right here at your fingertips! By bike and on foot with Backroads, you’ll get to know Utah's incredible panoramas from a new and inspiring perspective.

Bryce and Zion Utah Bike Tour

Utah: Bryce & Zion Bike Tour

Red-Rock Wonders in Utah's National Parks
C Classic Casual Hotels
Utah and Colorado walking and hiking tour

Utah & Colorado: Arches & Canyonlands Walking & Hiking Tour

Utah's Red-Rock Majesty
F Family – Older Teens & 20s NEW Casual & Premiere Hotels
Bryce and Zion Canyon walking and hiking tour

Utah: Bryce & Zion Walking & Hiking Tour

Utah National Parks Adventure
C Classic Casual Hotels
F Family – Teens & Kids NEW Casual Hotels
Bryce and Zion Multisport Tour

Utah: Bryce & Zion Multi-Adventure Tour

Utah's Incredible Canyons
C Classic Deluxe Camping
F Family – Older Teens & 20s Deluxe Camping
F Family – Teens & Kids Deluxe Camping