Top 5 Places to Travel in February

February is the time of year when most people are relaxing, recovering from the holidays and getting back into the swing of their daily routine. But if you can't wait to get back out there, February is the perfect month for a unique adventure. From hiking in far-off New Zealand to cycling in Cuba to enjoying a winter wonderland closer to home, adventurous travelers can find something to satisfy their wanderlust, even in the off-season. Here are our top destinations for travel in February: Cuba

Backroads Cuba Bike Tour

Travelers to Cuba in February can expect the perfect cocktail of hiking and cycling, culture and great weather--alongside a few cuba libres, the country's national mixed drink! The rainy season in Cuba starts around April, so February is the ideal time to enjoy clear blue skies and moderate temperatures in the mid-to-high seventies. In Cuba, you'll have the opportunity to cycle or stroll through perfectly-preserved colonial towns, ride in classic cars from the 50's and 60's, and engage with friendly locals eager to share their stories. It's often said that traveling in Cuba is like being in another world: one of blue skies, friendly people and a relaxed rhythm of life. For an unforgettable and unique February adventure, Cuba is the place to be. Check out Backroads' Cuba trips! Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

Yellowstone in the Winter, Doglsed

Miles and miles of untouched snow, streams burbling under ice, herds of bison ambling in the distance, and no one to have to share it with but the wildlife--this pristine winter wonderland is found in Wyoming's Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. Enjoy the feeling of true solitude as you snowshoe or dogsled through the parks, visiting frozen waterfalls, geothermal pools and famous geysers. Go ahead and brush that beach vacation aside, get off the beaten path and experience true serenity in this winter oasis. Check out Backroads' Yellowstone & Tetons Snow Adventure trip! Mexico's Yucatán

Yucatan Pyramid

The Yucatán Peninsula is the gem of Mexico, replete with hidden white-sand beaches, sparkling blue water, nostalgia-evoking colonial towns and the magnificent history of Mayan civilization. In February, you'll enjoy tropical weather by day and cool, peaceful nights as you explore the jungle, discover hidden swimming holes and experience the tremendous hospitality that's made the region famous. The Yucatán is not only an amazing playground for hiking and biking, but a spectacular place to learn about the history of the Maya empire and the culture of its descendants today. A trip to the Yucatán is the perfect sunny February escape. Check out Backroads' Yucatán trips! New Zealand

Biking in New Zealand

While the Northern Hemisphere is trying to shake off the winter cold in February, down in New Zealand it's the tail end of summer, meaning you can expect blue skies and clear, hot sunshine. The two islands of New Zealand are famous for their stunning cliffs and rolling green hills, a fantasy landscape for a hiking or cycling adventure. You'll see glaciers, geysers, hot springs and more! The scenery is truly out-of-this world, and the islands' sparse population means you can enjoy it in relative solitude. You'll have to see it to believe it. Check out Backroads' New Zealand trips! Hawaii

Sunset in Hawaii on a Backroads Trip

February is the perfect time to visit Hawaii for a tropical vacation: you'll dodge the summer and holiday crowds as well as the worst of the winter rains, enjoying 70-degree weather ideal for hiking in the jungle or lounging on the beach. It's an exciting month in Hawaii: from the Cherry Blossom Festival in Honolulu (a celebration of Hawaii's Japanese culture), to the Maui Whale Festival (the highest concentration of humpback whales in the world is found in Maui's waters in the winter!), every traveler can find something to enjoy. You can bike through lava fields, hike up volcanoes, snack on exotic fruits and maybe even try surfing--it's truly an experience for travelers of all stripes. Check out Backroads' Hawaii trips!  

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