The Best Bikes for Every Rider

Our bikes are built to be the best for you. All of the bikes in our bike fleet have custom titanium frames to deliver the ideal combination of lightness, responsiveness and comfort.

Intelligent design like integrated Bosch motors on our e-bikes, comfortable upright handlebars on our Touring Bikes, and top-of-the-line components like Shimano Di2 electronic shifting on our Performance Road Bikes ensures that each rider’s bike matches their riding style. A carbon upgrade option and unmatched worldwide availability round out the offering.

We’re the only company that has done this much to ensure that our guests can have the bike they want, whenever and wherever they want it.

Bike requests, including e-bikes and carbon frames, are subject to availability. When booking a trip please reserve the bike type and size you and your traveling companions prefer as soon as possible. If bike allocations are limited, they will be prioritized based on when your reservation was received.

All bikes are equipped with a safety triangle, two water bottles and for those who want it: a combination lock, hand pump, inner tube, tire levers and patch kit for use on your trip. On rare occasions when Backroads bikes are not available, high-quality alternatives may be offered.