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What better way to immerse yourself in a new region of the world than a cooking vacation that delves into the local foods and culinary traditions that make a country or culture unique. With our Active Culinary Tours, you'll tap into your inner foodie on culinary-focused adventures in such savory destinations as Tuscany & Provence. Our expert trip designers have crafted cooking tours that blend walking, hiking, sauntering and meandering with a culinary story about the region that entails cooking classes, personalized visits to local farms, tastings of local specialties and of course, unforgettable meals. Stroll, sip, and savor your way through this delectable trip experience. A French or Italian cooking vacation has never been so ready for consumption!  

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French Market - Backroads Provence Active Culinary Walking Tours

Provence Active Culinary Walking & Hiking Tour

Vibrant Markets & Beautiful Villages

Tuscany Walking Tours

Tuscany Active Culinary Walking & Hiking Tour

Food Adventure in Italy from Chianti to Florence