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Mallorca has a way of casting an irresistible allure upon any traveler fortunate enough to set foot upon this wondrous Mediterranean isle. Whether by bike or on foot, you'll pass through the rugged mountains of the UNESCO World Heritage Serra de Tramuntana to the sun-drenched coast where life seems to slow to the perfect pace of a stroll along a pebble-strewn beach. It's easy to fall in love with everything around you as you lose yourself in Mallorca.

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Mallorca & Menorca Bike Tour
Spain's Mallorca & Menorca Bike Tour

A Two-Island Adventure in the Mediterranean

Mallorca Spain Bike Tour
Spain's Mallorca Bike Tour

World-Class Cycling on Spain's Mediterranean Isle

Spain's Mallorca Multi-Adventure Tour
Spain's Mallorca Multi-Adventure Tour

Beaches, Mediterranean Vistas & Culture

Spain's Mallorca Walking & Hiking Tour with Yoga
Spain's Mallorca Walking & Hiking Tour

Majestic Mediterranean Peaks & Beaches