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Spring Training: Not Just for Baseball

I love cycling and pushing my physical limits, but I'll admit that my training tends to drop off around the holidays. Winter weather hits, I don't eat as healthy as I'd like and social engagements take up most of my weekends. By the time spring rolls around, I want to kick it into high gear to get in shape for my summer cycling season. I start doing my typical after-work loops and venture a bit farther away from home for longer rides on the weekends. But this routine can become...routine.

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So I decided to check out some spring training camps. I like the idea of getting back into gear with other avid cyclists, but some of these camps seemed pretty intense, with things like daily coaching sessions and wind tunnel testing. I just want to enjoy being on my bike, ride through awesome scenery, hang with friends and get my cycling legs back without worrying about going hard or being dropped.

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That's why I helped develop Backroads' new Spring Training Biking trips. On these trips you'll experience carefully crafted distance rides that emphasize logging well-paced miles. Our routes keep you challenged but never overwhelmed. Throughout the day, our support vans and experienced trip leaders will supply everything you need to keep going. Off the bike, enjoy healthy meals and chat with new friends. We bring together riders from a wide range of ages, interests and professions. You'll face challenges together, swap stories of the day's triumphs and build the kind of camaraderie that only a day in the saddle can offer. And you'll do it all in beautiful destinations like Mallorca and Hawaii.

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Now that's my kind of Spring Training! What's yours?  

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