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Backroads Mallorca Spain Spring Training Biking

I love cycling and pushing my physical limits, but I'll admit that my training tends to drop off around the holidays. Winter weather hits, I don't...

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DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY! That's right, I'm talking about calisthenics: simple body-weight exercises that utilize the force of gravity. Push-ups. P...

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Spinning versus cycling

Is spinning a good training for a biking trip? Will it make you strong enough to face the demanding hills of the Canary Islands? I was curious abo...

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woman stretching yoga in Costa Rica, Hotel Punta Islita infinity pool

Long flights, trains rides and layovers. These extended stints of sitting and inactivity as you're preparing for--or recovering from--your Backroa...

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Winter blues snowy landscape

The sun's shining, there's a white carpet of snow covering the ground, and the trees are heavy from the latest snowfall. Working up a sweat, I asc...

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When I started working at Backroads this past June, I had never been on a road bike in my life. But this October, I joined 230 of my coworkers at ...

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