Top 10 Hikes in Europe

Hike atop seaside cliffs in France, walk through historic Spartan battlegrounds in Greece or trek among the world-famous Dolomites in Italy. For outdoor-enthusiasts, Europe beckons. Lace up your boots and get ready for some of the world’s most iconic trails.

1. Puez-Odle Nature Park: The Heart of the Italian Dolomites

South Tyrol, Italy

Open, grassy valley with larger mountains and trees in the distance, with flowers on the ground level

The Italian Dolomites are world famous for their enchanting natural beauty and picturesque villages. Trek through the mesmerizing meadows and lunar landscapes of Puez-Odle Nature Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stark grey cliffs are contrasted by bursts of wildflowers and green grass.

Join us to hike in one of the world’s most stunning areas on our Dolomites Hut-to-Hut Hiking Tour.

2. South West Coastal Path: England’s Famed Coastal Walk

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Dirt path along a grassy cliff, with the ocean on the left

The South West Coastal Path is England’s longest and most-loved National Trail. It traces the English shoreline and passes through two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The seaside breeze seduces hikers, leading those who wander to enchanting historic fisherman’s villages. Immerse yourself in landscapes with turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and woodland walkways. Discover Cornish history, walk in the footsteps of King Arthur and marvel at vast ocean views.

Join us to hike portions of the South West Coastal Path on our Cornwall Walking & Hiking Tour.

3. Taygetus Mountains: Home to Greece’s Ancient Spartan Warriors

Peloponnese, Greece

Two ocean coasts separated by a small pathway of way, with large mountains in the background

The Taygetus mountains are an impressive mountain range in Greece’s south Peloponnese peninsula. Admire the Valley of Sparta, which once was a thriving warrior society. Snow-capped mountains crown forested gorges. Hike through pine forests past waterfalls, remarkable gorges and small mountain communities. Sweeping vistas over Sparta showcase diverse landscapes. You’ll see why this historical region is considered sacred.

Join us to hike around the Taygetus Mountains on our Peloponnese Walking & Hiking Tour.

4. Lofoten Islands: Norway’s Rugged Mountains and Secluded Beaches

Lofoten, Norway

Man and woman on a rocky cliff, looking out to towards larger mountains an a beach

Norway’s Lofoten Islands offer an abundance of captivating hiking trails, from blue fjords to historic villages. Above the Arctic Circle, traverse epic routes to sheltered beaches. The beauty of the Lofoten Islands will take your breath away. Hike along lush foothills and cliffs that tower over the Norwegian Sea and gaze upon white-sand beaches that dazzle under a midnight sun.

Join us to hike the most distinct trails in the Lofoten Islands on our Norway Hiking Tour.

5. Torc Mountain in Killarney National Park: Ireland’s Oldest National Park

Killarney, Ireland

Group of people descended a hill, with foggy mountains in the distance

Killarney National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is home to windswept mountains, deep lakes and gorges and rugged landscapes. Climb Torc Mountain for 360-degree views from the Dingle Peninsula to the Lakes of Killarney. Revel in the renowned beauty of the Emerald Isle from dramatic coastline to country lands. And of course, a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without stopping in at the pub for some music and maybe a pint!

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6. The Matterhorn: Italy & Switzerland’s Impressive Massif

Italian & Swiss Alps

A goat and baby goat on top of a dirt hill with snowcapped mountains in the background

The Matterhorn stands proudly along the Italian-Swiss border. This majestic mountain is encompassed by some of the world’s best hiking terrain. Climb above the valley below for breathtaking views of peaks and dramatic glaciated landscapes.

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7. Mare a Mare Trail: Corsica’s Famed Hike

Corsica, France

Two women and one man with hiking poles descending a gravel trail with tall trees in the background

Trek a hand-picked section of one of Corsica’s most famous hikes, the Mare a Mare Trail. Follow the trail along granite slopes and idyllic views, embracing the magnificent Mediterranean isle of Corsica. Corsica is pristine beaches and majestic mountaintop villages. It’s where wild and beautiful landscapes await.

Join us to hike part of the Mare a Mare Trail on our Sardinia & Corsica Walking & Hiking Tour.

8. Beinn Eighe: Trek the Scottish Highlands

Torridon, Scotland

Open valley opf grass and large boulders, with a river and larger mountains in the background

Hike one of Scotland’s most famous mountains, Beinn Eighe. Venture between Liathach and the legendary Beinn Eighe, a massive ben (mountain). Discover a dramatic landscape of soaring pinnacles, cliffs and corries—valleys formed by glacial erosion. Magic lurks in the impressive landscape of untamed natural scenes. Enchanting lochs, ruined castles, remote villages and diverse coastlines whisper captivating tales of their mysterious past.

Join us to hike Beinn Eighe on our Scotland Walking & Hiking Tour.

9. Cabo de Roca: Walk to Europe’s Westernmost Cape in Portugal

Sintra, Portugal

A cliff with a church, an open parking log and a sculpture with a cross in the center

Trek to Cabo da Roca‌, the westernmost point of the Sintra Mountain Range. Marvel at the sweeping views of the shimmering Atlantic coast and the historic Cabo de Roca Lighthouse from 1772. Feel on top of the world on the jagged edge of western Europe. Explore the breathtaking natural beauty of sandy beaches and granite cliffs.

Join us to walk to the westernmost edge of Europe on our Portugal Walking & Hiking Tour.

10. Fan y Big: Summit A Welsh Peak

Powys, Wales

Woman with walking poles descending a tall, grassy will in an open valley

Hike to the summit of Fan y Big, one of the highest peaks in Brecon Beacons National Park. Follow a fern-lined path to the top, where you’re met with infinite views of fields, meadows and the iconic Welsh patchwork of emerald-green hills. Historic castles, uninterrupted coastal views and hidden lakes illustrate southern Wales.

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These ten hikes take you to spectacular yet diverse corners of Europe. Join us to hike Europe’s most famous trails on our award-winning Europe Walking & Hiking Tours.

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