Italy Bike Tours

Dreaming of Italian country lanes, rolling vineyards and peaceful hilltop villages? You’re invited to discover la bella Italia by bicycle on these incredible Italy bike tours. Cruise the Tuscan countryside, where vineyards and Renaissance hill towns abound. Pedal through Puglia, enjoying whitewashed fishing villages on the Adriatic Coast. Enjoy a classic Italy bike tour in the iconic northern Italian countryside between Parma and Verona. Or explore the snow-capped peaks and pristine bike paths of the daunting Dolomites on our Northern Italy bike trips. 

From ice-cold gelato to delicious cappuccino, there are so many things that make Italy an ideal destination for active travelers. We’ve been exploring this European idyll for decades, and our Italy biking tours will take you deep into its hidden corners and off-the-beaten-path areas. With the support of two leaders and vans, the comfort of luxurious hotels and the pure pleasure of rolling on our thoughtfully designed routes, there’s no better way to discover Italia. Ready for an unforgettable Italian adventure? Join us on an Italy bike tour today. 

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Cycling on Backroads Dolomites Bike Tour

Dolomites Bike Tour

World-Class Routes in Italy & Austria

Backroads Tuscany Italy Bike Tour

Easygoing E-bike Tour Tuscany's Chianti

Dolce Tempo Journey through Tuscan Vineyards & Hill Towns

Backroads Piedmont Bike Tour

Italy's Piedmont Bike Tour

A Slow Food & Wine Lover's Paradise in Piemonte

Backroads Puglia Italy Bike Tour

Italy's Puglia to Basilicata Bike Tour

Culture & Cuisine from il Mare to Matera

Backroads Puglia Italy Cycling Trips

Italy's Puglia to Basilicata Bike Tour

From Ancient Matera to the Adriatic Sea

Backroads Parma to Verona Bike Tours

Parma to Verona & Venice Bike Tour

Emilia-Romagna & Veneto's Wine & Cuisine

Sunset on Backroads Sicily Bike Tour

Sicily Bike Tour

Italian Seaside & Ancient Civilizations

Tuscany cycling tours

Tuscany Bike Tour

A Taste of Italy from Pienza to Siena & Chianti

Backroads Tuscan Coast Bike Tours

Tuscany by the Sea Bike Tour

Italian Vineyards & Romantic Coast

Backroads Tuscany Italy Bike Tour

Tuscany's Chianti Bike Tour

Quintessential Tuscan Town & Country

Backroads Umbria to Adriatic Bike Tour

Umbria to the Adriatic Bike Tour

Italy's Assisi to Le Marche

Venice to Croatia Ocean Cruise Bike Tour

Venice to Croatia Ocean Cruise Bike Tour

Biking & Cruising along the Adriatic Coast