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I used to be pretty serious about the whole competitive running thing. I've run my whole life. And I've run myself into the ground--quite literally. I've had plenty of injuries. Too many, in fact. I've spent a lot of time figuring out what works for me, and I've learned a few things over the years. For instance, I am still only too happy to take a 10 mile trail run, but now I do it without getting injured. Below, you'll find a quick list of some of my favorite fitness tips. Not only do these keep me going on my active trips, but they guide me in my every day well-being. Hope this helps!

  1.  Set goals: Measure times, distances, etc. and strive toward improving
  2.  Be flexible: Keep your goals in mind, but allow for change
  3.  Try different workouts: For balance, injury prevention and to avoid burnout
  4.  Rest: It's OK to rest--don't feel guilty when you need a day off
  5.  Make your fitness routine fun: Involve friends, try new routes or take active vacations
  6.  Get your family on board: It's great quality time, it's motivational and it gets the kids away from their screens
  7.  Eat well: Eating healthy makes you feel better and enables you to be even more active
  8.  Be realistic: Develop a system that's sustainable with your lifestyle
  9.  Be honest with yourself: If something isn't working, ditch it and try something else
  10.  Make it natural: You're never too busy to exercise and you don't need an expensive gym or trainer--just go outside and move
  11.  Know you can: You're never too old or too unfit to get in shape
  12.  Get the right gear: The weather is never too cold, too hot, nor too inclement to exercise (you just need better gear)

Do you have any tips to add? Let me know below.

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