When a CrossFit Athlete Goes on Vacation

Kristina Martin, Backroads Leader

A Backroads trip is unlike any other vacation. As an athlete all my life, and an avid CrossFitter, I want to remain active when I travel. Lying on the beach for days or sitting on busses and trains to look at buildings just isn't going to cut it. A lot of us join a CrossFit "box" or gym to improve our fitness and the moves we learn translate to everything we do in daily life outside of the gym. This includes what we do on an active vacation: hiking mountains, biking along the coast and being able to push our physical limits. Not only do we want to maintain our fitness on vacation, but we also want to utilize the fitness we've worked so hard to acquire, especially when we get to do so on the scenic back roads of the world. I'm fortunate to have been introduced to Backroads as a Trip Leader, experiencing some of the most epic hiking, biking and multi-adventure activities on the planet. On our Backroads Hawaii Multi-Adventure Trip, I hiked through Volcanoes National Park and sea kayaked along the coast. On our North Carolina & South Carolina Bike Tour, I biked some of the most beautiful miles in the country on professional cyclist George Hincapie's Grand Fondo route, which challenged me to tackle my longest ride ever. As an active person, this is the type of travel I dream about!

Biking in North Carolina

When we plan a vacation on our own, access to quality bikes is not always possible. And if we want to get a proper workout, we're usually limited to a morning jog or time spent in the hotel gym. But when you travel with a company founded on the idea of active travel, you can be confident that you'll be able to take the physical fitness you've developed in the gym and bring it out onto scenic country roads, over mountain passes, to hidden coves, on alpine trails and so much more. Whether you're new to active travel or a seasoned veteran, with Backroads there are options for every fitness level and, just like a CrossFit coach directs you through your workout, so does a Trip Leader guide you through the Backroads routes. In the process, you'll likely get in even better shape while viewing some of the most amazing places in the world.

Kristina Martin in Zion

Just like CrossFit is constantly varied and able to be scaled down, so is a Backroads trip. While you have opportunities to really challenge yourself, there are also easy-going options for traveling companions who might not want to push themselves as much or want to stagger active days with leisurely days. Not to mention the diversity of activities, history and local flair in each region that keeps guests - and myself - coming back for more. Whether you're a gym aficionado or just getting started, you have a whole world out there to explore while putting your physical fitness to good use. So go live your adventure!  

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