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Backroads Leader Ariel Presenting a Picnic

As Backroads leaders, we wear many hats in a given day: concierge, mechanic, translator, chauffeur, navigator, motivator… the list is infinite. On...

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Why do you take Backroads trips? This is a question that Trip Leaders often ask guests on the first night of the trip, along with why you chose th...

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Backroads Hiker on Dock at lake in Chile

I’m often asked how I found my job leading Backroads trips… Fate. Magic. Luck… Well, perhaps a combination of those things. It’s a unique story th...

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Biking to a farm stand in Cuba

My friend stands at my side eagerly pumping the brakes of his sleek road bike; ahead is another divide in the road. We are in the Sierra del Rosar...

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Backroads Family Vacation

As a Trip Leader, a phrase I find myself coming back to often when speaking to guests or potential guests about traveling with Backroads is some v...

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