Is a Backroads Trip Worth the Price?

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Backroads Trips aren't cheap. We get it. As a Backroads leader, it's not uncommon for me to hear (always from someone who hasn't traveled with us yet) "I could go there and do it myself for half the price." When I hear someone say something like that, I usually just smile and say, "Well, you might be surprised at just how much you get from a Backroads trip." And the reason for my smile is that, having seen firsthand what our guests experience in the course of their trip, the question of "Where is the value?" is hardly a question at all. I've lost count of how many guests have expressed to me how worthwhile their experience has been. So what is it? What makes a Backroads trip so well worth the investment?

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Let's start with the most obvious: logistics. One of the main reasons why Backroads exists and where we shine is that we handle the headaches of active travel, leaving our guests free to enjoy and focus on the aspects of traveling that one dreams of experiencing in a new and beautiful place: the pleasure of exploring a destination under one's own power, the sense of freedom watching the scenery roll by from the bike saddle, the feeling of grounding and connectedness as one walks through historic villages and along scenic trails.

Backroads makes sure that everything's in place so you can enjoy every minute of your trip from start to finish.
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You can forget the encumbrance of luggage and the worry over getting it and yourselves securely from A to B; Backroads seamlessly handles transportation throughout your journey, whisking you from one incredible place to the next. And you don't have to transport your bike across the world (unless you want to!) or rent a sub-par one-- with us you'll be riding the highest-quality, best-maintained touring bikes in active travel. Plus, the Trip Leaders guiding every trip are experienced mechanics, freeing you from having to struggle with patch kits if you get a flat or get your hands covered in grease if you drop your chain. Okay, so we handle all the logistics. Is that all? Hardly. In fact, that's just the beginning. Traveling with Backroads enables you to experience the best parts of a destination without the hassle of figuring it all out yourself. Your time is valuable, we respect that. Our trip designers work closely with local experts (or are often locals themselves) and have intimate knowledge of the trip region. We build activities and routes into each itinerary that ensure you'll get the most out of each day, bringing a personal touch and an expertise that no number of hours scouring the internet can match.

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One of the greatest values of Backroads is the strong relationships we've cultivated for nearly 40 years in the regions where we travel, enabling our guests to have genuine, local, one-of-a-kind experiences beyond what is accessible to the casual tourist. And these relationships carry through to the best restaurants and hotels in every destination, meaning you'll have access to exclusive and luxurious properties and Michelin-starred meals that are nearly impossible to reserve even months ahead of time.

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The route support that Backroads offers throughout our trips is a benefit you simply can't get traveling on your own. If you forget to pack sunscreen, snacks or your favorite gel seat, or you'd just kill for a cold drink along the route, we've got you covered. Our vans and Trip Leaders support your activities not only with supplies, but with multiple route options. If you're in the mood for a leisurely ride and would prefer to avoid the morning hills or you want to skip straight to the next town for more time to explore, simply hop in the shuttle for a lift. No worries, no stress, no confusion. This is your vacation maximized. Getting hungry? Backroads is famous for healthy and hearty picnic spreads along the road and trail, prepared with quality local ingredients set in unique, idyllic locations that you would likely never have stopped to appreciate otherwise. Gone are the stressful moments of trying to find a meal when you're out adventuring far from civilization. Enjoy what many guests say is the best meal of the trip!

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There are so many other benefits and values to traveling with Backroads that are impossible to quantify. What is the price for meeting new co-travelers who, after such an incredible shared adventure, become friends for life? What's the going rate for the expertise and life stories of Backroads Trip Leaders, who bring endless character, experience and knowledge to share throughout the journey? Is a Backroads trip worth the price? If you want a hassle-free active vacation that delivers a uniquely rich experience you can't get anywhere else, then yes. Backroads is worth every dollar, euro, yen or rupee. But there are many ways to travel and everyone has their own idea for what they're looking for. So as long as you're out exploring, being active and embracing new experiences, that's what counts. Hope to see you on the road!

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