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Backroads Hiker on Dock at lake in Chile

I’m often asked how I found my job leading Backroads trips… Fate. Magic. Luck… Well, perhaps a combination of those things. It’s a unique story th...

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Teton Adaptive Sports DPort by the lake

To be bewildered, amazed and humbled by nature is a phenomenon that most of us are familiar with. Nature in its purest form is a compelling force ...

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Backroads Leader Travis Steffens

Trying to stay upright, I slowly place one foot in front of the other, and I focus on the encouraging face of my Malagasy guide. One false step an...

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"Tourism: Your everyday life is somebody else's adventure." Staša Kraljiĉ uses this quote from international free speech organization Loesje to ra...

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We at Backroads know bikes. Those of you who travel with us know bikes. We are bike people. We love our world on two wheels. They give us great jo...

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Backroads Trip Leaders Matt & Marlee

Why is it that when some people are brought together, they end up falling in love? Is it similar personalities or shared interests that connect th...

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