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Biking to a farm stand in Cuba

My friend stands at my side eagerly pumping the brakes of his sleek road bike; ahead is another divide in the road. We are in the Sierra del Rosar...

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Backroads Bermuda Cove

They say that in Bermuda, "You can shake the sand from your shoes but it will never leave your soul." I truly felt this when I visited for my firs...

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Women in Havana, Cuba

Last week our Cuba Trip Expert Lara and I returned from our annual Cuba "dry run," where we prepared for our upcoming Backroads Cuba trips startin...

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The Palmar de Junco in Matanzas Baseball Field baseball field

As a die-hard fan and season ticket holder for the Oakland A's, I can usually be found in the bleachers behind our star left fielder Yoenis Cesped...

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