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Italy Countryside

Food And Drink: Our Favorite Italian Wine Regions

For wine connoisseurs, Italy, which boasts more than 350 indigenous grape varieties, is truly a place of dreams. The country is the largest global producer of wine, and it’s also home to some of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions.

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New Zealand Vineyard

Food And Drink: The 4 Best New Zealand Wines

Soaring snowcapped mountains. Glittering turquoise bays. A vibrant culture forged by centuries of relative isolation from the rest of the world.

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Côtes du Rhône

Food And Drink: Wines of Côtes du Rhône

One of the planet’s oldest vineyard regions, France’s Côtes du Rhône is home to an abundance of grape varietals across more than 140,000 acres of vines. It’s second in size only to Bordeaux.

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California Wine

Food And Drink: Our Favorite California Wine Regions

You’re four days into a coastal road trip, winding your way up a hillside just off Highway 1. You pull into the first winery you see, step out of the car and inhale the scent of manzanita and coast live oak trees.

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Burgundy Vineyard

Food And Drink: The 4 Best Burgundy Wines

Speckled with grand châteaux, medieval fortifications and quaint, cobblestoned villages, the rolling hills of the Bourgogne are steeped in history. Burgundy wine is no different; this region has been famed for its viticulture since the sixth century AD. 

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Scenic Bordeaux Vineyard and Landscape

Food And Drink: What Is Bordeaux Wine?

Arguably France’s most famous wine-growing region, Bordeaux spans 60 miles and is home to nearly 7,500 producers and 290,000 acres of vineyards.

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Food In Vietnam - What to Know and Eat

Food And Drink: Food In Vietnam - What to Know and Eat

In the past few years, Vietnamese food has gained steadily in popularity across the globe. Renowned for its healthy ingredients, flavorful dishes and beautiful presentation, as well as the prevalence of delicious noodles, Vietnamese food is highly craveable, fresh and unique.

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Croatian Food: What To Know and Eat

Food And Drink: Croatian Food: What To Know and Eat

Croatia’s gastronomic landscape is largely shaped by the nation’s bordering countries, and the cuisine, therefore, is best understood as a patchwork of regional foods and dishes from the fruitful Adriatic Sea, which laps Croatia’s western shore.

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Asia Food - What to Know and Eat

Food And Drink: Asia Food - What to Know and Eat

Eating in Asia is one of the wildest, most satisfying parts about traveling in this region. The foods are flavorful, healthy, exotic and exciting, and in terms of variety, they span a massive spectrum. Knowing what to expect from Asian cuisine can be tricky, though.

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Alaskan Food - What to Know and Eat

Food And Drink: Alaskan Food - What to Know and Eat

When dining in the northernmost of the 50 states, it’s safe to assume that all eating is local eating. The wild, seasonal foods found, foraged and favored here are of the land, especially the mountains and the ocean.

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What Do Locals Eat In Spain?

Food And Drink: Food to Eat in Spain

Eating is one of the greatest joys of traveling in Spain. Regional culinary specialties abound, so depending on where you are, there are always delicious things to try.
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Irish Food: What to Know and to Eat

Food And Drink: Irish Food: What to Know and Eat

In recent years, Irish cuisine has undergone a bit of a renaissance as chefs across the nation—from Belfast to Cork and Dublin to Galway—experiment with new takes on traditional Irish dishes.
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Food in Japan - What to Know and Eat

Travel Guides: Food in Japan - What to Know and Eat

Biking, hiking and wandering through Japan can certainly help you work up an appetite, and the flavors and nuances of Japanese cuisine (和食, washoku) are so culturally defining that one can gain a world of knowledge about the country and its people just by watching the way a bowl of ramen

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