The 10 Best Bike Routes in Europe

At Backroads, we’ve been biking around Europe for over three decades. Here are what we think are the best cycling destinations on the continent.

1. Provence

Location: France

Great for: Wine-lovers, Climbing Enthusiasts

The southern French region of Provence is a perfect combination of landscape and rides for all levels. Ride through the enchanting foothills of Mont Ventoux, the Giant of Provence. Pedal among the striking hilltop villages of Gordes, Lacoste and Bonnieux. Climb through the dramatic scenery of Gorges de la Nesque canyon. If you’re up for the challenge, tackle world-famous Mont Ventoux, one of the most intrepid climbs in Tour de France. A 13 mile, 5,000 foot monster! Join us in Provence and test your cycling mettle up Mont Ventoux on our Provence France Bike Tour.

Guests cycling towards hilltop castle.


2. Danube Bike Path

Location: Germany and Austria

Great for: The Traffic Averse, Climbing Enthusiasts, Beer-Lovers

Following the Danube River, the Danube Bike Path meanders 1,800 miles from Germany to the Black Sea. Cycle from Prague to Passau, Vienna to Bratislava and on to Budapest. Ride past lush Bavarian Forest and enchanting Austrian countryside. Join us in Europe on our Danube River Cruise Bike Tour.


Bike Path


3. Tuscany

Location: Italy

Great for: Foodies, Wine-lovers, Climbing-Enthusiasts

Cycle through olive orchards and vineyards in the heart of Chianti and you’ll see why this is one of Europe's most beautiful bike rides. Enjoy the view on the scenic cypress-lined roads. Admire the Tuscan countryside, home to the world-famous Chianti Classico wine region. Join us in Chianti on our Tuscany's Chianti Bike Tour.


Biker on a road surrounded by trees


4. Mallorca

Location: Mallorca, Spain

Great for: Sun-Lovers and Climbing-Enthusiasts

Mallorca has an irresistible allure. The dramatic mountaintops against the bright blue Mediterranean Sea. The ancient stone villages cling to the limestone gorges of the Serra de Tramuntana. If you dare, brave the road to Sa Calobra, a thrilling roller coaster of 26 hairpin turns plummeting 3,000 feet to the sea. Join us in Mallorca on our Mallorca Bike Tour.




5. Provence to the French Riviera

Location: France

Great for: Wine-lovers, Fans of Luxurious Hotels

There is no wonder why Provence and the French Riviera are two of the most iconic regions in France. Centuries-old mansions surround the leafy cobblestone streets of historic Aix-en-Provence. Olive trees and colorful French towns line the route to the Côte d'Azur. The glamour and seduction of the French Riviera await in St-Tropez and Cannes. Join us to cycle from Aix-en-Provence to St-Tropez & Cannes on our Provence to French Riviera Bike Tour.




6. The Dolomites

Location: Italy & Austria

Great for: Mountain-lovers, History Buffs

Travel from Italy to Austria by bike via lush valleys and limestone massifs. Immerse yourself in one of the most picturesque corners of Europe. Explore a network of quiet cycling paths while passing castles, vineyards and orchards. Enjoy a world-class adventure biking through the Dolomites! Join us in Europe's mighty Alps on our Dolomites Bike Tour.

Back view of a biker on a road with mountains in the distance


7. Spanish Pyrenees to Costa Brava

Location: Spain

Great for: Sun-lovers, Climbing Enthusiasts

Catalonia is distinct, from the rugged Spanish Pyrenees to Costa Brava’s white-sand beaches. Ride through historic alpine villages and seaside towns. Climb and descend through medieval towns, past sunflower fields and across one of the highest roads in the Pyrenees. Enjoy the Gothic architecture, captivating villages and cobblestone streets.

Costa Brava


8. The Dalmatian Coast

Location: Croatia

Great for: Sun-lovers, History Buffs

Marvel at the sensational Adriatic vistas as you ride. Sail between islands. Gaze at pristine beaches and whitewashed villages as you cycle along the coast of Croatia. The Dalmatian Coast enjoys over 200 days of yearly sunshine. It’s a destination reborn, yet it still feels like, as the Croatians say, “The Mediterranean as it once was.” Join us in the coast of Croatia on our Dalmatian Coast Bike Tour.

Wide shot of Dubrovnik coastline, blue ocean, white and tan houses.

9. Slovenia’s Julian Alps

Location: Croatia & Slovenia 

Great for: Mountain-lovers, off-the-beaten-path travelers

Ride in the Julian Alps and you’ll discover why this route is a hidden treasure among the most beautiful bike routes in Europe. Discover Slovenia's postcard perfect Radovna Valley and the renowned mountaineering towns of Mojstrana and Kranjska Gora. Explore Ljubljana, named the Green Capital of Europe by the European Commission. Join us in Slovenia and Croatia on our Slovenia & Croatia Bike Tour.

j alps

10. Berlin to Prague

Location: Germany & Czech Republic

Great for: History buffs, the Traffic-Averse, Beer-Lovers

Cross from Germany into the Czech Republic and cycle through quaint half-timbered villages and amid forested hills. Travel from opulent Prussian palaces to picturesque vineyards along the Elbe River. See the historical remnants of the infamous barrier that once separated West Berlin and East Germany. Pedal rolling wooded hills and through the verdant countryside of Prague. Join us to cycle between two significant historical cities on our Berlin to Prague Bike Tour.


Runner Up: Tyrolean Alps

Location: Germany & Austria

Great for: Climbing Enthusiasts, Beer-Lovers

Experience unforgettable biking through the majestic Alps and quaint Bavarian villages. Ride peaceful bike paths past wildflower pastures and crystal-blue lakes. Quaint storybook villages and charming biergartens await. Join us in the Tyrolean Alps on our Germany to Austria Bike Tour.

Bridge over a small river, surrounded by trees and buildings

These rides are world-renowned, yet there are many other lesser-known and equally beautiful bike routes in Europe. Join us on a cycling route you know and love or find a hidden gem on our list of all Europe Bike Tours!



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