5 Reasons to Travel to Maine

Preview 5 Reasons to Travel to Maine

Welcome to the rugged coastline of Maine, where lobster rolls, soaring mountains and ocean vistas abound. Ready for an Atlantic adventure of sparkling seas and delicious stops in quaint coastal towns? You’re in the right place! Check out all our Maine trips here, or read on to discover 5 reasons to make your next adventure an unforgettable New England escape.


Preview It's a Paradise for Active Travelers

Since early days, Maine’s rocky, rugged shoreline and dense woodlands have attracted outdoor adventurers. Today, the state is 90% forest, and its coastline contains enough hidden coves and concealed trails to keep any explorer occupied for a lifetime. And with over 500,000 acres of protected land, from the wild coastal landscapes of Acadia National Park to the sweeping ocean views of Camden Hills State Park, the opportunities for exploration are endless.

Preview Welcoming Culture & Fascinating History

Maine’s fascinating culture stretches back thousands of years. Today, that history is on display for visitors to admire and engage with, from the Abbe Museum’s presentation of indigenous culture in Bar Harbor to the yearly festival in northern Maine celebrating their French-Acadian heritage. The contemporary culture shines as well, with a vibrant small-town life that will make you want to call this state home.

Preview Wildlife on Sea & Land

Maine’s wilderness doesn’t just make the state an unforgettable destination for hikers and bikers. It’s also a great habitat for hundreds of animal species, including majestic peregrine falcons, migrating raptors on Cadillac Mountain, harbor seals off the shore of Acadia and snowy owls perched in the park’s white pines.


Preview The Allure of the Atlantic

If there’s one defining ingredient that gives Maine its unique flavor, it’s the state’s proximity to the Atlantic. Its coastline measures at only 228 miles, but that number expands to nearly 3,500 miles if you include inlets and bays—so there’s plenty to discover. And whether you’re enjoying ocean vistas from Camden Hills State Park or kayaking past colorful fishing villages, the invigorating allure of the Atlantic is undeniable.


Preview The Cuisine - Not Just Lobster Rolls!

Maine is known for its fresh, delicious, farm-to-table cuisine. Of course, the iconic lobster roll is the classic Maine delicacy, featuring buttery, fresh lobster served with mayonnaise atop a split top bun. But there’s more on offer than tasty crustaceans. From corn chowder to baked beans and ployes, a kind of buckwheat crepe that comes from French-Acadian culture, the cuisine is delicious—and it’s just the thing to refuel the tank after a day of biking, hiking or adventuring in Maine.

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