Tom Hale's Straight Talk

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Tom & Liz Hale

There's no doubt about it - these are difficult times. As I write this, I'm at my home in the Bay Area with my wife Liz and the kids. Like everyon...

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Vietnam - Biking in Typhoon Damri

Since very early in the Backroads days, we have run annual staff rides that gather our employees in one place for a multi-day adventure. These tri...

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Backroads Guests hiking with crampons in the Alps

How do you narrow down days of hiking with your favorite people--amid some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable--into a "top 3" list? It's not...

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Tom and Daughters history lesson

At the end of a typical Backroads day, I find myself well fed, happily tired and awe-inspired by what I just experienced. I drafted this blog from...

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