Backroads Continues to be a Trailblazer with New Hut-to-Hut, Premiere, Easy, Challenging and Unique Trekking Trips

March 27, 2018

Berkeley, CA (March 27, 2018) – Backroads, the World’s Leading Active Travel company, today announced growth in its walking and hiking trip segment with new tours ranging from easy to challenging – including new Hut-to-Hut, family and unique trips – across the globe. The company broadens its offerings in already popular destinations tying two countries together in one trip, and in the case of the new Italian, French & Swiss Alps Walking & Hiking Trip, it’s three-in-one! Backroads has seen its walking and hiking segment more than triple in size over the last five years and expects numbers to continue to rise with new trips.

Backroads launched walking and hiking tours in 1992 with departures in England, and added trips to California the following year. The company now offers more than 100 diverse walking and hiking itineraries across 35 countries and throughout the United States, including national parks.

The company’s walking and hiking trips immerse guests in the culture and natural beauty of a destination. From traditional Andean villages to rain forest trails and beyond, travelers with Backroads report feeling deeply connected with a region after experiencing its everyday life on foot, observing details that typical tourists miss and enjoying spontaneous encounters along the way. Exploring on foot offers a chance to feel the sand dunes shift beneath your feet, to follow the tracks of elephants, walk over hills and literally through the woods. Backroads guests go at their own pace, fully supported, stopping when the mood strikes just to take it all in.

“We believe that there is something very special about exploring a region on foot and our guests believe this to be true too,” said Backroads Founder and President, Tom Hale. “They have been asking for more hiking and walking trips, bigger challenges, and special lodging options like staying in old castles, lodges, or the unique opportunity to sleep in classic but upscale European hiking huts. In 2018, Backroads is rolling out a great new selection of walking and hiking trips for every kind of traveler.”

Outlined below are new Backroads trips launching in 2018, along with the company’s most challenging walking and hiking departures, most leisurely, unique trips, national park staples, most popular and family favorites.

Backroads New Walking & Hiking Trips in 2018 include:

Most Challenging Walking & Hiking Trips

Backroads More Leisurely Walking & Hiking Trips

Backroads Unique Walking & Hiking Trips

Trips for Every Type of Hiker/Walker

US National Parks Walking & Hiking Trips

Backroads Most Popular Walking & Hiking Trips

Family Favorite Walking & Hiking Trips

Backroads trips are designed to be incredibly flexible, a feat made possible in part thanks to Backroads’ industry-setting leader-to-guest ratio. Combined with our three or four Trip Leaders, two vans and multiple route options, guests have the freedom to explore at their own pace, without being forced to hike slower or faster than they want.

About Backroads
Backroads was founded in 1979 by Tom Hale and has been in business for more than 39 years. The company hosts thousands of guests each year, 75% of whom are repeat guests or referrals from past guests, in hundreds of locations across the globe. Backroads is a founding member of the Adventure Collection. For more information, please visit or call 800-462-2848 daily, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Pacific time.