How do I indicate my bike preferences (frame type, size, pedals, etc.)?

On trips with biking, we’ll ask for your bike selection preference to ensure you have the best possible riding experience. Here’s how to make your selection online: 

  1. Access your Backroads Account via the Sign In icon at the top of any Backroads webpage or through any of your confirmation emails.  
  2. Under your Upcoming Trips, select the trip for which you’d like to make a bike selection. 
  3. In the My Trip Checklist section of the Trip Overview page, click Bike Selection.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) next to the guest’s name for whom you’d like to add bike selections.
  5. Click your preferred bike type from the list of available options; you’ll then be prompted to input the guest’s height (this will recommend a bike frame size) and to select your pedal and saddle options when available.
  6. You can also add customized bike specifications at this point of the selection process if you wish.
  7. You can repeat these steps for each guest listed on your reservation.
  8. Once completed, a green check mark will appear next to the guest’s name. Once all guests have selected their bikes, a green check mark will show for Bike Selection on the My Trip Checklist.

If you’re not participating in the biking activities on your trip OR if you’d prefer to bring your own bike, you can indicate that preference at the bottom of the list of bike options.

If requesting a Tandem Bike, you’ll be prompted to select your riding companion from a drop-down list of guests on your reservation. If you plan to ride with a guest on a different reservation, you can leave that field blank. After that selection is saved, both riders will show as having completed bike profiles.

If requesting a Trailer Bike on a Family Trip for Teens & Kids, you’ll be prompted to select a traveler from the drop-down list of guests on your reservation to indicate who will be pulling the Trailer Bike (so we know which adult bike to attach it to). After that selection is saved, both the rider (adult) and the Trailer passenger (child) will show as having completed bike profiles.

Note: The additional fee for Pro-level Carbon Bikes and Tandem Bikes will not be charged until the bike selection has been confirmed. We’ll send an email notification to confirm your selection if approved or declined.