As Seen on Screen: The 8 Best Trips for Movie & TV Buffs

We love watching Hollywood make fantastical worlds out of some of our favorite travel destinations, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing them in real life. These star corners of the globe have been featured in famous films and television series – check out the list below and join us to become the main character in your own award-worthy adventure! 



Mamma Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants have made us imagine what it’s like to feel the heat radiating from those white bougainvillea-draped walls. More recently, the murder mystery Glass Onion made headlines when Netflix pulled off a goofy publicity stunt: faking a Zillow listing for the titular Greek island house! We recommend starting with our Santorini & Crete Multi-Adventure Trip before making any down payments.


Czech Republic


Prague is one versatile actor. This beautiful city became Renaissance France in The Musketeer, wartime Germany in Schindler’s List and Jojo Rabbit, imperial Vienna in The Illusionist, modern-day Zurich in The Bourne Identity and every single stop on the cult classic EuroTrip! Make time to explore the many faces of the City of a Thousand Spires, the launch point for our biking adventure in Czech Republic & Austria.




Ever wonder where they found the planetary sets in Interstellar and Thor: The Dark World? Iceland gives a new meaning to otherworldly beauty. It was also cast as a realm of fantasy in Stardust, which is fitting since in a recent poll one-third of Icelanders reported that they believe in elves. Check out our Iceland Trips and let us show you the magic.



It’s been a good decade for Croatia’s film career. The Adriatic port city of Dubrovnik earned its place in screen history as the real-life King’s Landing from Game of Thrones, but the series also filmed in lesser-known Split, Ston and other Dalmatian idylls that you’ll visit with us in Croatia. Get there before the country’s next starring role, as rumor has it that the James Bond franchise is on its way.




A river really does run through it! Robert Redford’s 1992 classic made sure we knew that about Montana’s Paradise Valley. But few other folks know this heavenly slice of the West by name. Our Biking and Multi-Adventure trips plan to fix that by savoring this area as a perfect complement to must-see Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Redford returned later to film The Horse Whisperer; he just couldn’t stay away. You might not be able to either.


Canadian Rockies


Kananaskis Country is a breathtaking region nestled in the Canadian Rockies, boasting pristine lakes, snow-capped peaks, and lush forests that have attracted filmmakers for years. Often referred to as "Hollywood North," the stunning landscape has served as a backdrop for numerous movies, including The Revenant, Inception, Bourne Legacy, and Brokeback Mountain. Check out our trip to the region. 


New Zealand


Known for its diverse landscapes of towering mountains, pristine beaches, lush forests, and geothermal wonders, New Zealand is a popular travel destination for nature lovers. But no list of iconic film locations would be complete without New Zealand, having been the set for such blockbusters as Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, King Kong, and Avatar among others. Check out our award-winning trips in the area. 




On the east coast of Southern Italy, Puglia is an off-the-beaten path tourist destination, but a well-established set for notable films. It's beautiful coast, picturesque towns and historic architecture have appeared in James Bond No Time to Die, Wonder Woman 1984, The American and more. It's also best explored by bicycle! 


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