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Backroads Bikes - Prepping for a ride

Biking Topics: How to Prep Your Bike Before You Ride

Haven’t ridden your bike in a while? It doesn’t take much to get your bike back into riding shape. With a bit of knowledge, most simple fixes can be done at home and will save you a trip to the bike shop.

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How to Travel with Your Bike

General Biking: How to Travel with Your Bike

Nothing goes hand in hand like travel and biking. Learn how to travel with your bike, and start experiencing the world’s unique places on two wheels today!
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Where Did Cycling Originate?

Biking Q&A: What’s the Origin of Cycling?

Over a billion people today enjoy cycling for recreation, transport, tourism and sport, but are you curious about the origin of cycling? Read on to learn more!
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How To Buy A Bike

Biking Topics: Types of Bikes – Buying Guide

Knowing how to buy a bike can be a confusing proposition. That’s why there’s this overview of everything you need to know before getting out your checkbook!
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Padded Bike Shorts

Biking Clothing & Gear: Padded Bike Shorts

Thinking about buying your first pair of padded bike shorts? The choices can be overwhelming, but with these few tips, you’ll be riding in comfort in no time!
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Bike Helmets 101

Biking Clothing & Gear: Bike Helmets 101

Bike helmets are crucial to bike safety, but it might surprise you that price doesn’t correlate to safety. Learn what you need to know about helmets here!
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How to Shift Bike Gears

General Biking: How to Shift Bike Gears

Knowing how to shift bike gears is an essential part of biking. Proper shifting makes rides more pleasant, so ensure you know the basics before setting off!
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Bike Frame Materials: Pros and Cons

Biking Equipment: Bike Frame Materials: Pros & Cons

Looking for the perfect bike frame? With numerous options—from carbon to titanium—this article cuts the confusion and breaks down the pros and cons of each.
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Introduction to Bike Handlebars

Biking Equipment: Bike Handlebars 101

Finding the perfect bike handlebars can be tough, but getting this right is key to reaching your biking goals. Luckily, this article can demystify the process!
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Why Are Cycling Shorts Black?

Biking Q&A: Why Are Cycling Shorts Black?

Ever wondered why cycling shorts are often black? Learn the rationale behind black biking shorts and why they have a place in nearly every cyclist’s kit.
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Finding Bike Routes Near Me

General Biking: Finding Bike Trails Near Me

From traditionalists with maps to tech-savvy cyclists with smartphones, anyone today can answer this question: Where are the best bike paths near me?
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How to patch a bike tube

Bike Maintenance: How to Patch a Bike Tube

Love your bicycle but dread the day you get a flat in the middle of nowhere? Don’t worry! This article will walk you through exactly how to patch a bike tube.
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cycling cadence & gearing

General Biking: Cycling Cadence and Gearing

Cycling cadence is more than how fast or slow you pedal. Knowing the appropriate cadence can increase your efficiency and even decrease the chance of injury.
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How to Change a Bike Tube

Bike Maintenance: How to Change a Bike Tube

A flat tire is one of the most common bike repairs, so unless you want to be stranded, it’s crucial you know how to change a bike tube and fix that flat.
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Basic Bike Maintenance

Bike Maintenance: Basic Bike Maintenance

Performing bike maintenance can seem intimidating, but with a bit of know-how, lots of practice, and the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way!
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The Best Bike Lights—for Safety and High-Output Lumens

Biking Topics: The Best Bike Lights

Still just using reflectors when you ride at night? For your safety, consider these options instead—the best bike lights for seeing…and being seen!
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cycling shoes - a buyer's guide

Biking Clothing & Gear: Cycling Shoes: A Buyer’s Guide

Yes, cycling shoes help you look the part of an avid biker, but with a bit of research, the right shoes can also increase your riding efficiency and speed.
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Best Cycling Apps For Fitness

General Biking: Best Cycling Apps for Fitness

Looking to take your biking game to the next level? Check out these five (free!) biking apps. The best cycling app for you might just be within this article!
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