What kinds of activities do you offer on your trips?

Something for everyone—from easygoing to avid. Give us your definition of active and we'll deliver. 
Biking: We believe one of the best ways to see a new corner of the world is from the seat of a bike. Since Backroads was founded in 1979, our bike tours have been at the core of who we are, and we’ve only gotten better with time.    

Walking & Hiking: Early in our quest to explore the world’s most interesting places, we recognized that sometimes the greatest beauty can be best appreciated on two feet. With over 30 years of expertise in walking and hiking trips, we’ve been leading the way step by step ever since. 

Multi-Adventure: For travelers seeking varied experiences and a mix of activity, we’ve used our decades of adventure travel expertise to design trips that feature the best of biking and hiking, along with a taste of rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and more.  

In addition to the above activities, dive deeper into some of the world’s most fascinating regions via Active Cruises, Active Safari, Snow Adventures and Active Culinary vacations.