What kind of shape do I need to be in to enjoy my trip?

Backroads trips are designed for all levels of fitness. Some trips are more challenging than others so please refer to the trip’s activity levels and Daily Route Options or talk to one of our Trip Consultants about the type of adventure you're looking for. They'll help you select the right trip for you and advise you on how best to prepare. 

Ultimately, the answer lies in what brings you joy on your vacation. Is your idea of the best trip one where you challenge yourself physically? Or do you feel fulfilled by taking it easy but still getting in some outdoor activity? Or perhaps a mix of both? A handful of our trips offer epic hikes and rides most days, while others—like our Dolce Tempo trips—feature more relaxed days. But most of our trips offer a nicely balanced range of daily route options, meaning you get to decide how active you want to be from day to day.