I am hesitant about slowing down the group or being able to finish the rides or hikes. Do you have trips for me?

We do! Backroads guests often have widely differing expectations and abilities. And we accommodate them all. You may prefer one of our easier trips—either Dolce Tempo or a trip with Levels 1-3, because you're new to active travel and want to see what's comfortable, or simply because having more time to smell the flowers along the way is your idea of a great day.

If you’re interested in our Biking Trips but hesitant about keeping up with your companion or being able to fully ride a route, consider our custom-designed Titanium Electric-Assist Bike, which gives you a boost when you need it.

All trips, of course, offer a tailored travel experience to fit your priorities and personal style so you never feel constrained by the needs of the group, and your idea of a perfect day isn't imposed on anyone else. Thanks to our nimble trip design, plus our unrivaled route support—including three or four leaders and multiple vans—you’ll have the option to go at your own pace or get a lift back to the hotel when relaxation is calling.