Hiking in Norway: A Guest's Perspective

Glaciers, Fjords and Reindeer Sausage - Our Genuine Norwegian Adventure

Backroads Guests in Norway

The vastness and beauty of Norway's fjords and lands are beyond description and must be experienced to be appreciated. Backroads took our group to areas of Norway most tours and visitors will never see. Every detail was planned and balanced with enough free time and choice of daily hikes depending on how one felt that day. This trip was perfect for our group of seven women, giving us the freedom to simply enjoy Norway, have fun and create memories together. When asked what I most remember from my Norway Walking & Hiking trip, I often talk about the food (I'm a foodie and love to cook), the beauty of the land, and the warm and welcoming people. How can you top a trip to Norway after eating spekepølsa (smoked goat sausage), viltkorv (smoked reindeer, moose and deer sausage), and kvitost (white cow cheese) for lunch on a farm that's been in the same family for over 500 years? Yes, the food in Norway is wonderful and so very fresh! From lunch on a working farm to dinner in an authentic Viking village, every meal was memorable.

Backroads Farm to Table Lunch

Our first lunch on the Backroads trip was a true farm-to-table experience. Dining in the main house, barely large enough to hold our group, we listened to our hostess explain not only how she runs her farm and produced the food we just enjoyed, but also the fascinating history of the farm. We heard childhood stories of visiting the house as small girl, sleeping in the loft and listening to stories being told below. We were also treated to her singing a couple of folk songs! Other memorable meals included dinner in an authentic Viking village. At 5'6" tall, I had to duck to avoid hitting my head through some of the doorways to enter the dining building. We were welcomed by reindeer skins covering the benches to keep us warm while we enjoyed a dinner of fresh Norwegian salmon. Another food memory? Eating raspberries the size of my thumb!

While I could write about every meal, the beauty of the landscape deserves attention too. Fjords with water so clear you can see your reflection, waterfalls thundering around every curve, glaciers with crystal blue ice and endless views are what you experience during the walks and hikes planned for you.

Norway has so much to offer and, thanks to Backroads, we all felt we left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for this beautiful country.

A memorable day for our group was when we hiked on one of the largest glaciers in the area. Led by a world-renowned guide who's led climbs on Everest, we learned why glaciers are blue and how they're formed. Up close, we could see water moving through the glacier, which was a stunning sight I felt lucky to see.

Bakka Church in Norway

Another great day was our walk along the ancient postal route, which originated in the 17th century. We boarded a small motor boat to take us across the fjord to the start of the trail. Backroads arranged a local guide who was not only knowledgeable in the history of the route but also in how people have used the local plants for medicinal purposes for ages. It was fascinating! Other favorites of the trip were touring one of the oldest standing stave churches, jumping in to the brisk fjord waters to cool down after a long hike (it took some dares within our group!) and tackling a challenging climb to a peak for incredible views of multiple fjords (and to say we did it!). I think it's easy to understand why a trip like this doesn't have a single outstanding memory, as it's all so unforgettable! Norway has so much to offer and, thanks to Backroads, we all felt we left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for this beautiful country.

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Misty Norway Mountains and Valley

Photo by Backroads Guest Christopher Michel - Stalheim, Norway - Backroads Walking & Hiking Trip

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