5 Reasons to Go on a South African Safari

Going on a wildlife safari in the African bushveld is an adventure many travelers have penned on their bucket list. Getting up close with nature's most powerful and majestic animals is an experience unlike anything else and here at Backroads, we offer guests a South African Safari like none other.

Experience all the beauty South Africa has to offer, starting on the Cape of Good Hope, tasting wine and exploring beautiful rock formations in the Cedarberg region. Then the trip leaps into the wild bush of South Africa where we meet up with local guides and trackers at the beautiful Sabi Sands and Mashatu Game Reserves, home to some of the most incredible animals on the planet. Whether it's the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, buffalo) or the small but gritty honey badger, spectacular wildlife is on display as you explore the bushveld by foot, bike and trusted old “landies”!

Not captivated yet? Here are five reasons our Backroads South African Safari is worth considering for your next trip:

1) The Big Five African Animals

South Africa is home to some of the top safari game reserves in Africa, of which Sabi Sands is among the most prestigious. Its diverse and abundant wildlife makes for incredible sightings, and it’s one of the few places on earth where the Big Five roam freely in the wild. Imprinted on the notes of the South African rand, the Big Five represents the bushveld of South Africa. The term was coined hundreds of years ago by African huntsmen as the most dangerous animals to encounter in the wild. Excellent local safari guides and trackers will accompany us on our search for the most extraordinary animals in South Africa. But perhaps best of all, on the Backroads trip, you save days’ worth of driving across this vast continent thanks to our private chartered flights that deliver us directly to these animals’ doorstep.

Leopard laying on its side, looking at camera

2) World-Class Safari Game Lodges

Stay at world-renowned private game lodges, famous for their pristine wildlife, fantastic food and outstanding amenities. Both the Mashatu Main Camp in Botswana and the Londolozi Game Reserve are nestled in the middle of the African wilderness, areas teeming with such healthy animal populations that they afford amazing viewing of rare African wildlife with ease. Wild as can be, and yet protected to the point of practically ensuring incomparable safari adventures. With reserves like these, games drives are overflowing with excitement At Mashatu, the lodge is centered around a watering hole that’s home to southern Africa's largest elephant herd and loads of hippos. As for the Sabi Sands, the same can be expected, only this time from an open pool overlooking the reserve, voted by Travel + Leisure as one of the world's best.


3) South Africa's Rainbow Culture

South Africa is a multilingual and ethnically diverse country, which is why people refer to it as the Rainbow Nation. It’s home to 5 different cultures and 11 recognized languages, all blended together in the spirit of Ubuntu. (This famous South African term means "I am because we are.") It’s the spirit of togetherness and oneness of humanity. Joining the South Africa & Botswana Active Safari  trip is a cultural rollercoaster, as the communities we visit change as quickly as the natural landscapes.

Tour guides sitting on hood of the cars pointing



4) Unique and Delicious Cuisine

Thanks to South Africa's multiculturalism, the region is a cultural melting pot of cuisines. Our private game lodges serve some of the most unique and delicious foods, loaded with local heritage. On this trip, you can try some of South Africa's classic dishes made over a crackling fire under a wide open sky full of stars.

Also, don’t be afraid to try local snacks like the famous biltong, a type of dried meat sourced from wild game. Absolutely delicious!

Red and orange micro dishes lined up on a plate

5) Exclusive and Relaxing Getaways (less crowds)

Since 2020, travel has increased tremendously, and holiday destinations have been busier than ever. Luckily, Backroads South Africa & Botswana Active Safari  links you up with private game reserves, allowing only a limited number of people in the reserve and luxury lodges. With fewer people around, our safari is more intimate and personal, allowing you to be fully immersed in nature and by surrounding wildlife.No need to worry about a dozen Land Rovers viewing a far-off lion. At these reserves, your access to amazing wildlife is front and center.

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