Traveler Reviews

Family Trip Guests:

"Our leaders were absolutely the greatest! My daughter cried herself to sleep the first night after our Backroads trip as she missed them so much and had such a great time. The attention to detail was phenomenal. We lived like kings and queens."

William Gramig - Greensboro, NC

"A totally awesome experience. Each individual detail of the trip, ranging from snacks for biking, the routes chosen, lodging, food, route support, equipment, sights encountered, guides and leaders were all first class making the sum of the trip an excellent experience. I cannot say enough good things about this trip...taking three children ages 6, 12 and 15 along with their parents and all having a blast says a lot in and of itself. We learned a lot of history and culture, made new friends, had fantastic food and got some exercise riding through the beautiful pastoral countryside of Normandy."

Ron LeBeaumont - Cheyenne, WY

"Everything was perfect. The leaders were great, the rides and activities were well planned, and the food and fellow guests made it so memorable. This was our second trip and it was spectacular. We will likely take at least one Backroads trip a year, and more if our schedule permits. The family trips are perfect for our family. The only sad part is seeing my daughter so sad to leave the new friends she has made at the end of the trip."

David Cohen - Glen Ridge, NJ

"This is our second trip with Backroads and once again we had a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience! The leaders were phenomenal with all aspects of the trip. It is a gift and talent to keep children from ages 16-10 interested, excited and enthusiastic. The Spanish countryside couldn't have been a more perfect backdrop for great biking, enjoying delicious local cuisine, and unforgettable times with family and friends. Thank you, again, Backroads!"

Shannon Weinberger - Hinsdale, IL

"This trip was absolutely amazing. It fulfilled the wishes of each member of our family. It was the BEST way to see a country where we had never been. The biking, ambiance, hotels, guides and other families were just perfect for us."

Susan Townsend - Lutherville Timonium, MD

"It was awesome! This trip was a graduation present for my daughter. We had an amazing experience and sharing this experience with her was a gift to me! Thank you and I am looking forward to another Backroads adventure!"

Kimberly Hott - Kingwood, TX

"My family has just started to take group trips that involve more than just a beach and laying around, which is wonderful because trips like those drive me insane. I love that Backroads has provided us with a family option that allows us to actually 'do' things together (while making the decisions for us!) that challenge us all physically and mentally and take us outside of our comfort zones to really experience a beautiful part of our country/world."

Nina Portugal - Chicago, IL

"The best part of it was the sense that we accomplished something, by being physically involved in the experience rather than just through observation. The trip was challenging, but not overwhelming, and our kids did things they have never done before. The beauty of the surroundings was indescribable. The bonding we did with the other families and the leaders made it even more special. Our kids (8-year-old twins and 6 years old) were crying when we left. It will leave a lasting impression on us."

Mike Newbold - Keene, NH

"Both of our kids asked to do another Backroads trip within a day of the trip ending—I don't think there is a better endorsement. It was exactly what we wanted in terms of keeping the kids active while having fun."

Chris Bock - Denver, CO

"We thoroughly enjoyed our Backroads trip. It pulled our family together, got us all outside, and we felt happier and healthier by the end of the week."

Cindy Deangelis - Andover, MA

"The best part about this multisport family trip is that the children learn independence while they are with a group of family and friends that they can depend on while camping. Each member was challenged in an individual way each day and we were supported every step of the way. We had a fun time meeting new families and watching our children play with each other. We became closer as a family and that made me feel that was the best result of the trip."

Margaret Moody - The Woodlands, TX

"Honestly, the best family week we have spent together."

Ellen Fine - Villanova, PA

"Backroads has freed me up from the time-consuming research, planning and decision making I do to ensure an exciting adventure for our family vacations. The leaders are phenomenal and traveling with other like-minded families has put a new twist on our usually independent travels. This was our first trip with Backroads and it will not be our last. I am looking forward to many more."

Mariann Petersen - Anchorage, AK

"We had an absolutely wonderful time—the fabulous trip leaders made the trip extraordinary. Our children will remember this trip for the rest of their lives. In addition to just being great companions. We have told many friends about the trip and we plan to do another one soon."

Claire Hertan - Westport, CT

"Once again, Backroads provided a most wonderful vacation and family experience. We learned so much about Catalunya and ourselves through this extraordinary trip that took us from the mountains to the sea. Since coming home, much of my day is spent reliving 420 pictures of a most beautiful experience. Everyone says a memory is worth more than things. Backroads has put together a most magical formula to make that happen....We enjoyed the beauty of Spanish culture, the magic of new friendships, the exuberance from athletic challenge (the Lance climb), the growth that comes from laughter, and the love of family. Backroads allows you to just 'be'—to experience the joy of all our senses in a given day, and to appreciate the uniqueness of each one (smell, touch, see, hear and taste). I am forever grateful for all the time and attention that Backroads has given to me and my family. There is no greater thrill than to see your child grow in experience, family and friendship."

Judy Riendeau - Prospect, KY

"This was the best trip ever—it combined the right amount of adult time with family time, exercise and leisure. Given the five-year difference in our kids' ages, combined with our younger son's endless energy, we wanted to find the family vacation that satisfied all our needs and goals, and Backroads fulfilled this in every way. Additionally, our leaders' willingness to be flexible with regard to our itinerary made the trip even more tailored to us. A perfect blend of activity, downtime, family, new friends. We are new fans!"

Janet Myers - Menlo Park, CA

"We were persuaded by the enthusiastic guest comments on your website. The trip met and exceeded our expectations! It was a wonderful trip for the whole family and, although it was a group trip, you were able to meet and cater to each of our individual needs and wants. My husband got to bike all day, the kids got to bike as much as they wanted, made new friends and tried many fun activities. I got my active holiday but had time to soak in the cultural richness and natural beauty of the Loire Valley."

Pauline Tan - Singapore

"Backroads is the way to travel—it was great having all the logistics taken care of. We could just relax and enjoy the trip. The sights were incredible and the activities fun. My children, ages 6-17, all had a wonderful vacation. I cannot say enough nice things about our leaders—they were awesome."

Pat English - Wauwatosa WI

"We are eager to experience the Backroads magic with our family again as soon as possible."

Anne Juster - Cleveland, OH

"This was the best family trip we have ever taken, hands down. I never expected a group trip could be so enjoyable. We bonded with our leaders and the other families immediately—so much so that I expect we will keep in touch with them for a long time. This trip was different from others we have taken—it was an adventure, a challenge, and a growth opportunity for us. Normally, I wouldn't expect my kids (age 10 and 12) to think favorably of a 'growth opportunity', but they loved this trip and are still talking about it."

Susan Mandava

"This was our first group trip as a family. Having traveled with Backroads before as a couple we were pretty sure it would go well, but you never know with kids. Our boys say this was the best trip they have ever taken and they loved everything about it—learning about a new country, the biking, the food, having fun with other families, and most of all—the great leaders! Our leaders made it easy for all the kids on the trip to become fast friends and for the parents to find time to relax. We'll definitely be doing another family Backroads trip again soon!"

Judy Osgood - Reno, NV

"This was the best family vacation we have ever been on—and we are experienced vacationers. I have already recommended Backroads, and this trip in specific, to friends—and we only got back last night. We have an athletic 15 year old and a not-very-athletic 12 year old. Amazingly, this trip worked well for both kids. Everyone was happy."

Ann Becker - Kentfield, CA

"Superb operation, wonderful (WONDERFUL) family vacation experience. Taking the logistics/planning out of the equation made everything better. And the guides did a tremendous job enabling everyone in our family and our group to customize their daily activities to match their individual preferences. Truly a wonderful family experience."

Jake Durling - San Francisco, CA

"The trip was great because Alaska is Alaska, and the guides vastly exceeded our expectations. My 15-year-old daughter observed that when kids are separated out from parents in a group setting, they are usually treated differently and not as well. Elizabeth said that our guides were as fun, kind and attentive at all times and in all places. She really appreciated it."

David Eades - Charlotte, NC

"We had a fantastic family vacation thanks to your careful planning and attention to detail! It was sad to say goodbye to all our new friends and much harder to get the entire family to agree on what activities to pursue or sights to see once we left the group."

Wendy Renz - Guilford, CT

"We would never be able to arrange all the activities, the bicycling routes, etc. by ourselves. The food was incredible! The people we met along the way were so nice and helpful with directions. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. We just came back yesterday and I was already online planning our next Backroad trip. This is definitely the way to go when you want a quality family trip. You will be with your family, you will be active which is so good for you, you will meet people who are so interesting and have similar goals, the kids will have so much fun each day and you will be in the most amazing places."

Margaret Galle - West Simsbury, CT

"This has to be one of the best trips with our grandchildren and daughters that we have experienced. And it was all because of the incredible leaders, their interaction with our group and the manner in which they guided us through all of our activities. There are just not enough adjectives to describe these young men and the skill they have in handling the range of age groups on our trip, realizing my limitations and being successful in finding ways to bring me into the activities."

Sally McMullin - Scottsdale, AZ

"The trip was beyond our expectations! Each day brought new experiences, sights, activities and enjoyment for everyone. We made new friends, shared stories, enjoyed different foods and our leaders were outstanding. The kids will have such wonderful memories."

Holly Morris - Duxbury, MA

"We love to vacation with Backroads (this is our 6th trip) and share these active adventures with our children. The many options allow everyone in our family to enjoy the challenges and beauty of the trip at their own pace and without any hassles. We highly recommend Backroads to our friends."

Janis Wilbur - Lexington, VA

"It was a very fun experience. The leaders were fantastic. They were great with my kids. My kids loved the activities for children, especially the glass blowing and cart racing. We had a fantastic time and everyone we talk to about our trip is fascinated. I can't believe how interested they are in everything we did. I can't wait for the next trip."

Wendy Collins - Aurora, CO

"You provided not only us but our three children with a magnificent trip that will be etched in all of our minds forever. We could not have asked for a more excellent way to celebrate sending our first born off to college this fall."

Franky Voss - Muncie, IN

"The best compliment of all is that our kids all said this was the best trip we've ever taken. Our leaders were outstanding in every way = made us all comfortable and relaxed. They were a wealth of information about the parks and surrounding areas, handled the wide range of age levels in our group very well (kids ages 6-19), provided games to play, engaged the kids during 'down time,' and made their own tasks seem effortless and seamless. The food was superb and their positive outlook was contagious and uplifting. We can hardly wait to book our next trip!"

Susan Hunt - Mc Lean, VA

"The trip was outstanding. My son said "This was the best vacation of my entire life!" And we all agreed that this was the perfect vacation for our family. We loved the activities, the scenery, the friendships among the kids, and we were so impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of the trip leaders. We're already planning our next Backroads Family camping trip for next summer."

Linda Gross - Encino, CA

"Our leaders were fantastic—'off the charts'! A family trip is really challenging and they had a large group of teenage boys that they were wonderful with (no small feat), encouraging them in all the activities, getting the shy ones to come into their own, keeping up with the more outgoing ones and rising to every occasion. At the same time they made a group of preteen girls fall totally in love with them. And finally, they made us parents feel truly relaxed, taking over all the logistics and details of tours, transportation, meals and much more. The local guides were all great and it was clear that our leaders had nurtured good relationships with them, and even friendships. Costa Rica has much to offer, but it always comes down to the personal experiences one has, and those were memorable."

Jane Fink - Vienna, VA

"This was the best family vacation we ever had, and a great part of that was due to the wonderful leaders we had, who were simply outstanding. They not only were sensitive to our every need and concern, they were wonderful with the children, all of whom clearly ended up worshiping them and wishing--like us--that the trip would not end. I think our son would have preferred to go with them at the end than to come home with us! All in all, we're with Backroads for the long haul and look forward to another trip soon."

Stephen Block - Manhattan Beach CA

"Our leaders were beyond the pale fabulous with my daughter, Vivian. They showed endless patience and willingness to just play—which is all an 11 year old wants anyway. I've been on two previous Backroads Solo trips and thought they were outstanding. But the quality, sensitivity, and just plain fun of this family trip has made me a true Backroads believer. We will be back! ps. From Vivian (11): 'It was really, really, really, really fun!'"

Kate Sparks - Alexandria, VA

"It was an excellent trip with a great mix of fun culture and activity. And everyone was super friendly and helpful. My kids especially loved it and said 'WE DIDN'T KNOW A TRIP LIKE THIS WAS POSSIBLE!'."

Norman Weinstein - New York, NY

"This was a fabulous trip! We had a 19 year old and a 5 year old and neither has stopped talking a about how much fun s/he had. I did not want to miss an activity because all were geared around seeing or doing something new. The climb to Angel's landing was stupendous! The campsite at the Grand Canyon was superb. We have been on several European trips and had heard good things about the family trips! My wife doesn't even care to camp and she did not complain once due to the superior trip planning and the support team we had. Well done and keep up the good work! We look forward to seeing Provence with you in September."

Gary Bacon - Carmel, IN

"Traveling Backroads-style helped introduce our children to Europe and taught them how much richer travel is when you talk to the people, eat their food and give yourself over to their way of life. The kid-only activities (scavenger hunt, pottery and fish & chips dinner) were amazingly well thought out—they were learning without feeling taught!"

Karen Traina - Wrightsville Beach, NC

"For our family, Backroads represents a wonderful safety net, letting us try new things and go new places with absolute confidence. We watched our kids make chocolates at a small village chocolatier, sampled a 1995 vintage wine from a local vintner, stayed at wonderful inns, and rode past scenes of incredible beauty. All without having to worry about buying a ticket, making a reservation, or getting lost. It was a wonderful experience."

Miner Raymond

"...this trip...the first with my daughter was awesome! Our leaders were the best... The food was fantastic and ordering off the menu was such a great thing. Isabella and I had so much fun and the activities were just the right level for an almost seven year old. One thing you can't know in advance is the interactions between the different folks taking the trip....but, we all hit it off and the parents and kids became like one big happy family. I can't wait to take the next family trip. I have been on several Solo Backroads trips in the past and could not wait for my daughter to be old enough to join me...our first experience was a great start."

Barbara Charles - Syosset, NY

"This was our first experience with Backroads, and what a great experience it was! The leaders for our trip were awesome and bonded with our kids (and us!). They took the time in the evenings to talk with the kids and play fun games with them. They are truly fine young adults who are role models for our children. Because of our experience with this team, we are already in the planning stage for our next Backroads vacation with a family we met on this trip! Thanks for making this our best family vacation!"

Mary Jo Seline - Menasha, WI

"My husband and I were in awe as to the enthusiasm of ALL the family—adults as well as children and how much fun they had—and the ease with how everyone got along together. The fun of us observing them and being with all of them—yet not on top of each other—was wonderful. The activities and organization of the trip made it so easy and enjoyable. It is so nice to not be making decisions about where to go, when to eat, where to eat, arrange transportation, etc.—and still have some choices."

Joan Strait - Lakewood, WA

"Backroads planned an amazing and rich trip, and executed it with polish and good humor. We were extremely impressed and will travel with Backroads on all our future organized travel. Guides were wonderful with guests, kids, dietary and medical restrictions, and at keeping everything moving smoothly. By the end of the trip, we felt our family had grown to include the leaders and other guests."

Denise Pinkston - Berkeley, CA

"Fabulous! The leaders were outstanding and our kids had the time of their lives. Backroads is a great way to travel for a busy family—minimal preparation required, and a rich and diverse schedule of activities and experiences that we never could have planned on our own."

Terri Cammarano - Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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Solo Guests:

"This was my favorite trip yet. I went solo but still felt part of the group—there were nine of us so we got to know each other pretty well. Everyone included me. I felt like I fit right in with respect to others' demographics and experiences."

Mary McGlone - Mill Valley, CA

"This was my first Backroads trip and I was blown away. The level of service is incredible. After this experience I almost feel it is the ONLY way to travel...I chose Backroads because I wanted to travel solo and it seemed like the best way to have a full experience, and be safe traveling alone."

Kristin Cardo - Quoque, NY

"Backroads makes it easy to vacation on my own by creating a comfortable environment for the solo traveler and by doing all the logistical 'heavy lifting' so that I can just kick back and enjoy the adventure. Whether I plan months in advance or want to book a trip at the last minute, I always appreciate the enthusiasm and assistance of the Backroads staff."

Stephanie Busloff - New York, NY

"The trip exceeded my expectations. As this was my first Backroads trip, I had some trepidation particularly because I was solo. The leaders quickly eliminated any concerns I may have had. Of course the scenery was incredible, but importantly Backroads gave much thought to the chosen routes and paths, which in turn enhanced the whole experience."

Eileen Cohen - Long Beach, NY

"As a single female who loves to travel, Backroads has provided me the opportunity to safely travel and see many different areas, have an active vacation, and to meet great people! THANKS!"

Elizabeth Coombs - Philadelphia, PA

"It was my first Backroads trip and I was traveling by myself. I wasn't sure what to expect. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I had a wonderful trip and made a lot of new friends."

Shari Liotta - Isle of Man, United Kingdom

"Being a single woman in her mid-30s without tremendous knowledge of foreign countries or foreign languages, I had been quite hesitant to travel to Europe by myself. Backroads' 'Singles & Solos' trips are a good meeting point between traveling alone and traveling with a group. With Backroads, I feel like I have more freedom to travel 'by myself.'"

Marcy Chelmow - New York, NY

"This was my first Backroads trip and I was incredibly impressed. I have to admit I was nervous before the trip, because I was going by myself. Well, I ended up having a great time and really enjoying my fellow travelers—and the tour leaders. I was also a little concerned about the biking, but it was just about right. I wasn't the fastest, and I wasn't the slowest. And the best part was all the trail mix you could eat!"

Sara Oberlies - Manhattan Beach, CA

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Private Trip Guests:

"I am not a biker, yet the trip was memorable. Your three leaders were supportive, but never pushy about the biking. The opportunity to be with our close friends for this adventure (something we have never done before) turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I was on the telephone today with the other couples and we are all still glowing. Thank you for making this an easy and exciting trip."

Terry Corbin - Studio City, CA

"This was a particularly delightful trip—the destination was gorgeous, of course, but we liked the options of biking/van opportunities, the 'field trips' and guided tours, the outstanding accommodations, and excellent guides. Our thanks to Tina for the nice bottle of prosecco in our room in the first hotel! We really enjoyed it and appreciated the gift."

Susie Philpott - St. Louis, MO

"I had a really extraordinary time on the Backroads trip. The leaders were friendly, knowlegable, accommodating and a joy to be around. How they managed to accomodate all of the different needs of our group is an absolute miracle but they did."

Wendy Klarik - Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

"Backroads made planning easy and kept us relaxed and prepared for our adventure."

Andrew Sannes - Lake Forest, IL

"It was the trip of a lifetime, being with dear friends, in a beautiful part of the country, getting treated royally and staying fit."

Margot Roberts - Summit, NJ

"One of the best weeks of my life—no exaggeration! Everything was perfect. What an amazing gift so many gave to me to celebrate my 50th.The only thing wrong is it's over. Thanks a million."

Leslie Barron - Athens, GA

"Fabulous. Everything was so well done. Exceeded my expectations—which were quite high!"

Caroline Sinclair - Cary, NC

"Everyone I talk to wants to go on a Backroads trip after I tell them about it!! Exceptional value!! Owned and run by a family and employees committed to excellence!!"

Miriam Smith - Memphis, TN

"The guides were all very willing to deliver whatever we as guests needed. They made it known at the beginning that if there was anything that they could do to make the experience more enjoyable that they would do it and they made sure that these things happened all week. They were very helpful in all of our travels and extremely nice and courteous throughout our time. Thank you all for putting together such a terrific trip!"

Cory Ermold

"This trip was probably—in the 15 we have taken—at the top of the list!! The biking routes were superb—and should not be changed. Well balanced between up and down, unbeatable scenery and the right amount of added historical sites. I cannot rave about this trip enough."

Jean Kapp - Chevy Chase, MD

"Outstanding. Trip advisor sevice was excellent before we even left town. On-trip guides provided exemplary service. Accommodations were great. Food was good, particularly lunches and snacks. Specialized pro bikes and kit/goodies were awesome, and ample opportunity to mix it up with Bob Roll during the four days made for a memorable trip. Thank you, thank you for a most special 10th wedding anniversary celebration!"

Virginia Wong - Cleveland, OH

"Outstanding. Our group has taken annual trips with different tour companies. While we insist on quality, we also look for value. This tour gets an A+ on both counts, thus we'll be looking to Backroads first for our next tour. The performance of Backroads, its leaders and support staff were far better than anything we've ever seen before."

Tim O'Brien - Kensington, MD

"The leaders worked extremely well together and fit right in with our family. They were completely receptive to our needs and were more than willing to be flexible with our scheduling. We were very impressed with their knowledge of the area and ability to pass this on in such an interesting manner."

Janet Oken - Columbia, MD

"I really enjoyed our trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons. Our guides were great; very flexible, easygoing, and willing to make last minute changes to accommodate our schedule. They were knowledgeable and worked really well together. Our daily activities were really fun, nicely planned, and many times there were several distance options for us to choose from. Out of all of my previous seven Backroads trips, this was definitely one of my favorites!"

Rachel Oken - Columbia, MD

"Our guides were fabulous. Everything was taken care of and every request was met instantly. There was someone at every corner to show the way and always a bottle of cold water ready for us. The food was great and and the accommodations were wonderful...Backroads could not have done a better job. Thanks."

Richard Marriott - Potomac, MD

"A fabulous trip all around...Extremely well organized and allowed for flexibility and spontaneity..."

Wym Portman - Cincinnati, OH

"Having had no prior experience with such a trip I was thrilled with every aspect. I get how complex trip planning is and how fraught with potential problems the daily rides might be. You guys rocked on every count and this trip couldn't have been more meaningful or handled in already superior fashion. Thanks!!"

John Pritzker - San Francisco, CA

"This is our second Backroads trip. Both were incredible experiences. This time, the group was made up entirely of our family: 14 people including my adult children and grandchildren. We will have to save up, but my wife and I have told my children that we are spending their inheritence so they might as well come along and enjoy. We are trying to do something of this nature every two years both to enjoy an active vacation at beautiful locations, and also to build relationships and common memories for my family."

Tim Powell - Roseburg, OR

"To quote one of our leaders, 'We can make that happen for you...' This was his motto and there was nothing that we didn't experience, nor want for! Thank you again so very much!"

Sherrie Gleed

"The organization was efficient and required almost no effort on our part—it couldn't have been better! Thank you!!"

Louise Simard - Regina, SK

"Backroads is the best of the best."

Sheryl Simons - Regina, SK

"This was my second experience with Backroads; both were excellent trips but this trip far surpassed excellence. Our trip had been highly researched; extremely well organized; and included a great variety of activities in different places. With the help of all of our guides, we met fascinating people in their respective areas of expertise and/or in their locale. A most memorable trip and done so, with the assistance of our guides."

Melanie Galbraith - Calgary, AB

"Once again Backroads came through with another amazing experience for my family. This trip was terrific. Backroads' recommendation that the Loire Valley would be great for the range of kids (ages 8-17) and biking abilities of our group was right on the mark. The accommodations, amount of biking, scenery/stops along the way and non-biking activities were all fantastic. But what once again made this trip truly special for all of us (adults and kids) was the guides. They were enthusiastic, energetic, fun and incredibly thoughtful. They were always thinking ahead and quickly understood the various personalities of adults and children. When biking, they always knew were to wait with the van to cajole us forward with snacks, smiles and words of encouragement. Thank you Backroads for delivering on the value-added proposition of a private trip!"

Jordan Busch - Wayland, MA

"Our 50th anniversary family trip was absolutely wonderful. I never saw anyone at any time who didn't have a big smile on their face. We (some of us) were often tired, but it was a good feeling and one of accomplishment. Our group consisted of folks from Ironman to couch potato abilities and we were all satisfied!"

Linda Goodwin - Frisco, CO

"Fantastique, Superbe, Formidable, Excellent, Oooh la laaaa!"

Marion Hall - Atlanta, GA

"We cycled three times with one of your competitors—but no more! During our Private Trip in the Wine Country, you outperformed them on every scale. Your Private Trips Manager did an absolutely superb job of managing every detail of the pre-trip planning. Our guides were gems-friendly, caring, super helpful, smart, classy and fun."

Bill Holland - Kenilworth, IL

"Fantastic family experience. Our best trip yet! The trip was fabulous. The leaders and support made all the difference. Our every need was met. Our every expectation was exceeded. Thanks for the fabulous memories. Thank you."

Jim Borders - Atlanta, GA

"An amazing experience and incredible trip leaders... an absolutely unforgettable trip!!"

Lindsey Oken - Columbia MD

"What a wonderful trip!!! My only complaint is that the food was too too good. Nobody should eat so well for ten nights in a row. You guys are the best!"

Robert Friend - San Francisco, CA

"Once again Backroads exceeded my expectations. I don't think we'll ever take another trip that's NOT Backroads."

Deborah Crisfield - Summit, NJ

"For us, the biggest plus about a Private Trip is the in-depth time to spend with our long-standing friends and the opportunity to really have a great experience together."

Marc Lippman - Ann Arbor, MI

"Fantastic—just perfect. You run a top-notch operation. The guides/leaders are amazing—a real joy to get to know as well as very informed about all kinds of things we wanted to know. Always upbeat and trying to give us the best possible experience."

Roz Meyer - New Haven, CT

"I thoroughly enjoyed this Backroads trip to the Czech Republic and Austria. It's the experience of all-day biking and excellent service of our leaders that make your tours an unforgettable experience. Our group was comprised of all friends and neighbors—we were amazed at how everyone, even the first time Backroads participants, would go on another Backroads biking tour in a heartbeat."

Bernadette Reist - Jenkintown, PA

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First Time Guests:

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. It was my first Backroads trip and I was not sure what to expect, but the experience clearly exceeded my expectations. The guides were wonderful with a terrific connection making for an easy ride...I can't think of a better way to tour France! Thanks for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation!"

Laura Ravo - New York, NY

"Longtime bicyclist, but never did a group ride. This was awesome in EVERY respect. This was a 100% total engaging experience! Great staff and participants. Food was fantastic, and I earned the calories consumed. Post ride greetings were super, too. I simply didn't want it to end."

Douglas Rea - Pittsford, NY

"We just loved the trip. It was our first Backroads experience and we were wary, since we are normally very independent travelers. I actually enjoy the process of finding the perfect hotel, plotting the trip, etc., but I have been too busy lately to spend time on this trip, and thought the Backroads plan would make life easier. It did! What a pleasure to put everything in someone else?s hands. The leaders were super, the activities were good, the hotels were comfortable, and I loved not constantly thinking about pulling out my credit card. I also loved not handling my luggage, or worrying about directions. I thought it was a great value. Once I added up what we would have spent on hotels, food, transportation, rentals, etc., it seemed very reasonable."

Craig Colvin - Columbus, OH

"This was my first experience with Backroads and it exceeded my expectations by a mile! I loved every aspect of this trip; the attention to detail, the route, food and above all the two leaders who were exceptional! You guys rock! What a wonderful experience. Professional, enriching and challenging all at the same time."

Denise Levinter - Toronto, CA

"I had never cycled and always said I hated riding a bike. My friend talked me into this trip. So two months before departure I borrowed a road bike and began riding twice a week. My goal was just to survive the trip. Not only did I survive but I loved every minute of it! The guides and the other guests encouraged and inspired me to push myself to new levels of strength and endurance. After a hard day of riding it was SO nice to arrive at a beautiful hotel with my bags waiting for me in my room."

Kim Dumas - Sarasota, FL

"This was my first Backroads experience. I had heard and read some wonderful stories, and so my expectations were rather high. I can honestly say that this trip exceeded every expectation I had and raised the bar to unbelievable heights. I have never experienced a more prepared and pleasurable trip. Every facet of the week was excellent—from the first meeting to the final wrap up. It was an awesome experience!!"

Peter Doyle - Lynchburg, VA

"This was our first biking trip, and we were all a bit apprehensive about not having the chance to 'relax by the pool' all week as we usually do on spring break. The trip exceeded our expectations, and I am not sure 'relaxing by the pool' will continue to be the spring break status quo!"

Shannon Weinberger - Hinsdale, IL

"After almost 40 years of active and adventure travel on my own, this was the very first time I ventured to go with a 'tour company.' The cost was higher, but Backroads provided great service and logistics and the combination of travel, activities, sights, group dynamics, learning about the area, arrangements, accommodations, food, local culture, as well as the adventurous mishaps all seamlessly blended together into one of the most enjoyable and memorable trips I have ever taken. I am sure I will be back."

Martin Friedrichs - New Rochelle, NY

"This was my first Backroads trip, and I was so impressed with the organization. Biking and hiking was an excellent way to see the people and be able to linger when we wanted. We were able to go at our own pace—perfect for those of us who wanted to 'take it all in'—stopping to chat with the locals, take pictures and just take in the beautiful views of nature and man. It was no ordinary trip. This was a spiritual and emotional experience."

Kathleen Volkmann - San Francisco, CA

"This was my first Backroads trip and I was incredibly impressed. I have to admit I was nervous before the trip, because I was going by myself. Well, I ended up having a great time and really enjoying my fellow travelers—and the tour leaders. I was also a little concerned about the biking, but it was just about right. I wasn't the fastest, and I wasn't the slowest. And the best part was all the trail mix you could eat!"

Marcy Chelmow - New York, NY

"This was our first Backroads trip and we were very impressed. We are already thinking about our next trip. We were astounded at the number of repeat Backroads guests on this trip—we now know why!!"

Georgia Nishimura - San Diego, CA

"This was our first Backroads trip and we were absolutely blown away by what a great time we had! Every day was a new and exciting adventure! Our leaders were the best, anticipating our every need. It felt like going to visit friends who want to show you all the great things the area has to offer and make you feel welcome and comfortable all the while."

Marti Petro - Southlake, TX

"This was our first trip and of course we didn't know what to expect, but were immediately put at ease by the leaders and the other guests who have done this before. I was so impressed by the professionalism of the leaders, their knowledge of the area, the handling of people and what they brought to the party."

Joanne Mahoney - Hopkinton, MA

"The bar has been set extremely high for any future Backroads trips that I may take, as this inaugural experience was simply amazing. While some of the factors contributing to making this such a wonderful experience were related to personal goals and accomplishments, the support of the Backroads team (the routes, van support, logistics, etc.), the leaders, and my fellow travelers were instrumental to my overall highly positive experience."

Dawn Mathern - Bellevue, WA

"I can't say enough good things about the trip! I've been wanting to take an inn-to-inn biking trip ever since I first read about a Loire Valley trip over 20 years ago; however this was not only my first biking tour, it was my first tour ever. Every aspect of it was great—I haven't felt so well taken care of, so carefree and had so much fun since I was a child. I can't wait for my next Backroads trip! This was my idea of the perfect vacation! I felt like a child again—outdoors and active all day and totally taken care of in every way."

Margaret Erickson - Silver Spring, MD

"The trip exceeded expectations—every aspect was well planned and enjoyable. It was my first Backroads trip—I'm not typically a group traveler but the combination of our knowledgeable and engaging guides, the Croatian destination, panoramic hikes, gorgeous ship, superb meals, lovely accommodations and spirited fellow travelers made the Dalmatian Coast an especially memorable trip. I look forward to planning my next Backroads adventure."

Cindy Case - Minneapolis, MN

"This was my first experience with Backroads and it was superb! The accommodations were delightful, the meals were excellent, the walking was completely doable and the cooking was thoroughly enjoyable. I loved that everything was not only taken care of for us, but done so discreetly and well. We came on the trip to relax yet be semi-active and that was accomplished excellently!"

Jody Moss - Encino, CA

"This was my first Backroads trip and I felt it was absolutely amazing, fantastic, terrific and wonderful—better than I expected in all respects: meals, accommodations, intensity of biking and hiking, dynamics of the group and overall 'high' feeling throughout the entire trip."

Shelli Zelsman - Thornhill, Ontario

"Excellent trip and assistance throughout the tour. Backroads was my first 'active' vacation and I'm never going back to a relaxing day at the beach...I feel more refreshed after doing, seeing and learning interesting things while making new friends within our group."

Ken Schmidt - Tracy, CA

"I had never done anything like this before and it was absolutely the most amazing trip I've ever taken. Everything about it was wonderful! I smiled during the entire trip and have been telling all of my friends about it in the most glowing terms I can think of."

Jo Curran - St. Louis, MO

"Just returned home from the Backroads Thailand bicycle adventure. I am exhilarated, enthused and disappointed that it had to end. This was my first experience with Backroads, and all aspects of the trip were exceptional. Your organization sets a very high standard of customer service, and it is very much appreciated. The leaders were exceptional. Their enthusiasm for their jobs and their lives is contagious, and their dedication to service is obvious. What a pleasure to spend a week in such an exotic location and have these great people take care of everything. The complete success of each day was never doubted. You can be assured that I will travel with Backroads in the future, and will probably become a Backroads junkie! Thanks for a great trip."

Michael C. Peterson - Seattle, WA

"This was my first Backroads experience and it certainly surprised me. This trip was fantastic! I was thrilled with the choice of activities and the accommodations. I was quite nervous at first as I didn't know what the expected level of fitness was to be, but I found the activities were so fun, interesting and varied that I forgot to be worried. I guess you could say that I surprised myself as well, in what I was able to achieve. Our leaders were fantastic and offered great support and energy. They reminded me and all of us that this was a vacation and not a race so the first order of business was fun! I am back home now and have told my children that they have to go online so we can choose our next trip with Backroads. Even if that doesn't work out I will be going on my own again. Thanks for an unforgettable time."

Xandra Shen - Toronto, Ontario

"This was my first Backroads trip, and it was fabulous. Our rides were meticulously organized; the group was congenial; our leaders were consistently competent, warm and enthusiastic. I loved the rustic countryside and the warm responses of residents when we greeted them in Portuguese. The rides were fabulous and planned to allow some options for challenging hills at the end, since our pousadas sat on hillsides."

Andrea Clardy - Jamaica Plain, MA

"I had never participated in an organized group trip and was overwhelmingly delighted with my experience. Every day there was something that occurred that clearly illustrated the company and the trip leaders' personal commitment to insuring we had an enjoyable experience that lived up to our expectations. Whether it was the surprise special events, helping us find ATMs, interpreting, or filling us in on cultural information while we rode—I felt well attended to throughout the trip."

Heather Markham - Burlington, MA

"This was my first trip with Backroads and I just loved it! It was so nice having everything planned out so I could just sit back (or in my case ride the bike) and not have to worry about the little details of the trip. I'm already thinking about where we can go on our next trip with Backroads. "

Colleen Rigby - San Diego, CA

"This was my first Backroads trip and it sure won't be my last. It is a wonderful way to travel and see the sites and meet so many wonderful people and get exercise all at the same time."

Patty Garrett - Arlington, WA

"This was my first trip with Backroads. Your company did come highly recommended from friends. But I had to experience it for myself. And man, did it exceed my expectations! The level of service was impeccable, our leaders were a blast, the food was great, and the level of riding was perfect for my ability. The group was a lot of fun and by the end of the trip we were all like family! You have great people working here."

Peggy Hymel - San Anselmo, CA

"Call me a skeptic, but I was really resistant to booking Backroads. I'm used to planning our own trips and finding all kinds of hidden gems myself. I was so pleased with Backroads who did all the homework. This was the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken—because I trusted the leaders and realized we weren't getting the typical 'touristy' look at countries."

Justina Headley - Medina, WA

"This was my first Backroads trip, and it exceeded all my expectations. There was a wonderful balance of biking, cultural, and culinary well as ample time for relaxation. Each day was so full, and the week passed too quickly. Yet, it was the perfect trip length. The guide at Alberobello is perhaps the most memorable. Again, it is that love and passion for his home that comes through and makes the tour so enjoyable. That, and the limoncello, rosecello, meloncello, almondcello, etc that we got to sample!"

Andrea Wang - Washington, DC

"This is our first Backroads trip. It far exceeded our expectations, in every way. The food was over the top in quality and quantity. The scenery and hiking are diverse and extraordinary. The inns were intimate and excellent. But it was the guides who made the trip so very special. They appeared to handle all the logistics effortlessly and we so appreciated having everything handled. They both provided leadership, but it never quite appeared so. They were tons of fun, inspiring, well informed and good teachers, and just so generally interesting as human beings I would have loved to have been almost anywhere with them. I effuse enough. It was a perfect trip."

Laura Gamble - Carmel, CA

"Absolutely amazing—great trip for a first-timer, loved the mix of people—we weren't the youngest but not the oldest either. The next trip will be tough to match this one! We were wowed!!"

Florence Schretzmann - Moraga, CA

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Mixed Abilities:

"Thank you for getting my husband on a bicycle again! It was a fabulous way to see wine country together. Our outstanding guides kept our group together (even though our needs were quite diverse)."

Jenny Moutsatsos - Sudbury, ON

"I appreciated that the biking was for all levels and the van support was fantastic for a novice biker like me! I felt I got a great workout but didn't hold up the more experienced bikers."

Mandira Ray - Brookline, MA

"I had never cycled and always said I hated riding a bike. My friend talked me into this trip. So two months before departure I borrowed a road bike and began riding twice a week. My goal was just to survive the trip. Not only did I survive but I loved every minute of it! The guides and the other guests encouraged and inspired me to push myself to new levels of strength and endurance. After a hard day of riding it was SO nice to arrive at a beautiful hotel with my bags waiting for me in my room."

Kim Dumas - Sarasota, FL

"Backroads has really figured out what its clientele wants—there are so many different trips to choose from, each with several route options to accommodate couples and friends with varying cycling and fitness levels."

Ann Frick - Denver, CO

"Our 50th anniversary family trip was absolutely wonderful. I never looked at anyone at any time that they didn't have a big smile on their face. Our group consisted of folks from Ironman to couch potato abilities and we were all satisfied!"

Linda Goodwin - Frisco, CO

"This was my first bike trip and I will admit that I was nervous about it. My husband is the biker in the family, but my trepidation was overcome by my desire to share this experience with him. I need not have worried, your leaders never once made me feel that I was an encumbrance. With their expert advice and warm support, I felt as good about reaching my own goals as those who were able to finish every mile did. Kudos to you for your excellent choice of staff and obvious good training. I have been singing the praises of Backroads ever since we returned. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Carolyn McGoldrick - Portland, ME

"What a fantastic trip! Great biking! I kept thinking how lucky I was to be in New Zealand as I rode down the coast, through peaceful countryside, past lakes and rivers of unbelievable shades of blue, through the rainforest, and up and over the Southern Alps. There was quite a bit of flexibility in the itinerary to do as much or as little biking as one wanted, as well as time to do a lot of interesting optional activities, such as glacier walking, kayaking, hiking, a scenic flight and cruise, and of course bungee jumping!!"

Jennifer Wu - Bellbrook, OH

"We were persuaded by the enthusiastic guest comments on your website. The trip met and exceeded our expectations! It was a wonderful trip for the whole family and, although it was a group trip, you were able to meet and cater to each of our individual needs and wants. My husband got to bike all day, the kids got to bike as much as they wanted, made new friends and tried many fun activities. I got my active holiday but had time to soak in the cultural richness and natural beauty of the Loire Valley."

Pauline Tan - Singapore

"I absolutely loved this trip, from the itinerary and biking activities to the accommodations and food to the people, including the trip leaders. There was a great deal of flexibility to allow for people with different abilities and interests. Everything ran smoothly, one never had to second guess anything, and the leaders infused it all with energy and fun. As usual, I hated to see the trip end. A wonderful time."

Nancy Ognanovich - Washington D.C.

"I must say this was one of my life changing experiences. The itinerary was great, and I felt as though I was able to do as much or as little as I wanted. The routes offered both challenging and exciting rides, and the support was outstanding!"

Elaine Diamond - Atlanta GA

"Your service, guarantee, and marketing are awesome. The pre-trip analysis of which trip would work for (a) our eight-year-old and (b) my 80+ km/day husband was spot on. You found the perfect trip within my (extensive) limitations. This is now the third year in a row that we've planned to throw ourselves back into the lap of another company and found ourselves doing a Backroads tour with NO regrets."

Jennifer Bestor - Menlo Park, CA

"The big value of the Backroads trips to me is the support while riding with my wife. I am a stronger cyclist than her, which makes it difficult for both of us to go on a cycling vacation. The fact that we can both cycle as much as we like really makes a big difference compared to other travel companies."

Tom Yager - Encinitas, CA

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