• Hiking Articles

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Hiking Boots: Choosing the Right Shoe for Your Outdoor Adventures

Want expert advice on hiking boots? Learn about styles, fabrics, conditioning, waterproofing and more, and find the right shoe for the right adventure.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Hiking Layers: Everything You Need To Know

Choosing the proper hiking layers can keep you comfortable—no matter how the weather changes. Learn the ins and outs of the layering system here!

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Hiking Gear Checklist Essentials

Want to head out into the wilderness? Before you hit the trail, make sure you know what items to place on your essential hiking gear checklist.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Rain Jackets and Protection for Hiking

Expert advice from Backroads on proper gear for hiking in rain and inclement weather. What you should know about rain jackets before you buy!

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Hiking Sticks—Benefits, Sizing and Proper Techniques

Learn everything you need to know about hiking sticks—from benefits to correct sizing to proper use on the trail.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Best Hiking Apps And Gadgets For Your Next Adventure

From maps and navigation to water purification and safety, this expert advice covers the best hiking apps and gadgets to have on your next hiking adventure.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Hiking Backpacks: Choosing the Right Pack for the Right Adventure

Choosing the right hiking backpacks for all your outdoor adventures—what you need to know about functions, features and the perfect fit.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Guide to Hiking Backpacks—Styles and Uses

Hiking backpacks can make or break a trip. Learn how to choose the best pack for your next adventure abroad or into the wilderness.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: How To Lace Up Hiking Boots Properly

How you lace up hiking boots can make all the difference to your comfort on the trail. Here are three common lacing techniques to try.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: How To Use a Hiking Compass

A hiking compass, albeit necessary, can be somewhat of an enigma to first-time users. Here’s how and why to use one on your next hike.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: How To Waterproof Hiking Boots—Instructions, Tips and Advice

Want expert advice on how to waterproof hiking boots? Get step-by-step instructions about how to care for and extend the life of your footwear.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Hiking Socks—How To Find The Best Socks For Hiking

Learn how to find the best hiking socks for various outdoor activities, as well as the benefits of wool hiking socks over synthetic hiking socks.

Hiking Clothing & Gear: Which Hydration Pack Is Right for Your Hiking Adventures?

Want expert advice on choosing the right hydration pack for your next hike? This buying guide covers styles and all you need to know!

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