General Biking

cycling cadence & gearing

General Biking: Cycling Cadence and Gearing

Cycling cadence is more than how fast or slow you pedal. Knowing the appropriate cadence can increase your efficiency and even decrease the chance of injury.
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Best Cycling Apps For Fitness

General Biking: Best Cycling Apps for Fitness

Looking to take your biking game to the next level? Check out these five (free!) biking apps. The best cycling app for you might just be within this article!
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How to Travel with Your Bike

General Biking: How to Travel with Your Bike

Nothing goes hand in hand like travel and biking. Learn how to travel with your bike, and start experiencing the world’s unique places on two wheels today!
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How to Shift Bike Gears

General Biking: How to Shift Bike Gears

Knowing how to shift bike gears is an essential part of biking. Proper shifting makes rides more pleasant, so ensure you know the basics before setting off!
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Finding Bike Routes Near Me

General Biking: Finding Bike Trails Near Me

From traditionalists with maps to tech-savvy cyclists with smartphones, anyone today can answer this question: Where are the best bike paths near me?
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