Your Trip Consultant has noted that you will be renting a Cannondale. Making sure you’re on the right bike is key to enjoying your trip so consider the following and, as always, contact one of our experienced Trip Consultants if you have questions.

The Right Ride

Our carbon upgrade bikes feature Cannondale’s BallisTec Hi-MOD carbon frame, super lightweight HollowGram KNOT carbon wheels and hydraulic disc brakes. They’re equipped with SRAM’s latest-generation eTap AXS electronic wireless shifters to provide you with smooth shifting at the touch of your fingers. Our Cannondale fleet also features 12-speed compact gearing, which means there are just two chain rings in the front and twelve speeds in the rear. The two front rings are 46/33 with a 10-33 cassette to provide you with a wide range, and even a one-to-one gear to get you up those hills (matching the easiest gear on our titanium fleet).

The Right Fit

Your Trip Leaders will fit you to your bike on the first day of your trip and can also make minor tweaks during the trip to help you ride comfortably. If ultra-precise adjustments are important to you, please communicate your measurements to us before your trip—the earlier, the better. Please see our website for details.

Packing for Your Trip

Please remember to bring your pedals and shoes as well as a small pack for a camera, jacket, etc. as these bikes are not equipped with a standard rear rack or bag. (Note: Cannondale bikes are stocked with CO2 inflator cartridges, tire levers and tube in a streamlined seat bag.) These bikes come with a Fabric Scoop Shallow pro saddle, but you’re welcome to bring your own. If you choose to do so, please let us know beforehand.

Think of It as Your Own

This valuable bike will attract attention, so please be sure to keep an eye on it if you stop on your ride (it’s really not something you want to let out of your sight!). We would also appreciate you taking care with where you lean the bike to avoid scratching the lightweight carbon frame.

Bike Etiquette During Your Trip

In order to ensure a safe experience for everyone, all cyclists must respect pedestrians and other cyclists by using safe speeds and signaling when passing. On mixed-use pathways, pedestrians have the right of way. When passing, you should slow and give them space. And when you’re passing other riders, you should call out, “On your left!” so as not to surprise them. Spare Bikes Please keep in mind that it’s not possible for us to have extra bikes available should you decide midtrip you no longer want to ride the Cannondale bike.

The Fine Details

If you’d like more details about how our Cannondale bikes are equipped, you can find sizing information and a full list of specifications on our website.


If you decide to cancel your Backroads trip or your Cannondale rental 30 days or fewer before your trip departs, there will be no refund of the rental fee.