Thailand Bike Tour Video

For nearly 25 years we've created biking routes that take you deeper into Thailand, winding through forests, farmland and small hamlets that are well off the beaten tourist path. A great day of riding in gorgeous surroundings becomes all the more special when you're greeted by farmers, shopkeepers and monks who know Backroads well and invite you to stop in for a visit. We're confident you won't find that kind of welcome with any other company.

Get to know our Thailand Bike Tour with this short video by Backroads leader and videographer David Gallego.

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2 Responses

  1. Vinny Sciortino

    As a former Backroads Leader I am one of the biggest cheerleaders for Backroads. I think Backroads is one of the best travel options available.

    Recently I have been enlightened and educated about the misuse and abuse of elephants in Thailand and Asia. Elephant nature park in thailand does great work rescueing this wonderful mammals.

    I have some concern when I see Backroads guests and Backroads the Company supporting these elephant trekking companies. These elephants have been taken from their families and held captive in chains and ropes.

    I am wondering if Backraods has thought about this and how it can help stop this cruel activity.

    Vinny Sciortino

  2. Kimberly Defanti Hoernig Kimberly Defanti

    Hi Vinny,

    We at Backroads are equally concerned with the welfare of Thai elephants. That’s why we visit Antara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp on our trips, which was established to rescue abused elephants.

    I encourage you to take a look at their foundation’s website (, but here’s a snippet of their mission:

    “We believe that in an ideal world all elephants would be wild and there would be no need to discuss elephants’ work. Until we reach that point the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation works with our partner hotels to give and promote ethical work for those elephants that are able, while providing a safe, healthy environment for those that are not.”

    By working with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, we hope to help spread the word about this issue while supporting their rescue efforts.

    Thanks so much for joining the discussion on the treatment of elephants in Thailand.

    Best wishes,

    Kimberly Defanti, Editor of The Back Beat

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