Why Women Are Choosing Active Travel

Did you know that 63% of travelers are women? What about the fact that 85% of solo travelers are female?

We here at Backroads are celebrating the women traveling around the world with our brand-new collection of Women’s Adventures!

Why Are Women Choosing Active Travel?   
People travel for a myriad of reasons. Whether it’s to experience a different culture, connect with nature, try something new, or embark on a journey of self-discovery, everyone travels for reasons unique to their personal experience.

I asked Abby, Makenna, and Caitlyn, three Backroads leaders, to share their thoughts on why they, as women, choose to travel actively and why many women might benefit from an active group tour. Here’s what they said:

Two women laughing and smiling while wearing snow gear, in the middle of an empty dirt valley

Abby Martin, Trip Expert & Trip Leader: "The idea of group, active travel really appeals to women because it's a way to invest in your social, mental, and physical health all at the same time. There's also an element of safety that drives women to travel in groups. There's a huge draw to having someone who has your back while you're traveling as a woman, especially in an area or country you're unfamiliar with.

"In terms of the benefits of group travel, I always think of the quote, ‘Happiness shared is doubled, shared sorrow is halved.’ Anyone who has done both solo and group travel will tell you that although solo travel can offer dramatic personal transformation, it also doesn't have the same consistent joy as sharing travel with others. There's just something special about experiencing something amazing with another person. It feels deeper whether they're a stranger or someone you've known for years.

"It's a difference that's only emphasized by active travel. It's so much fun to watch folks push themselves past their personal expectations on our trips. Sometimes it's a challenging bike ride, sometimes it's a cultural activity like a dance class they would never have picked on their own, but either way, I see so many women taking our trips to help push themselves out of their comfort zone, with the support of a positive group environment around them.”

Two women with walking poles on top of a grassy hill

Makenna Golumbuk, Trip Expert & Trip Leader: "I’m in active travel because it’s liberating and empowering and the connection to nature is spiritual. Meeting people around the world makes you realize there is infinite love. It gets you out of your box and challenges you. It makes you realize you can do anything. It’s really important for anybody, but especially for women.”

Caitlyn Dwyer, Trip Leader: "What’s better than women looking out for and empowering other women in the outdoors! I think being surrounded by women in a safe, active space gives women a place to really lean into their strengths and try new adventurous things. I feel that our culture often pits women against each other in a highly competitive way, but when we are in nature and working towards a common goal, a lot of the BS disappears. We are all working toward a common goal, and it’s easier to see that when you connect with each other through movement and adventure.

"Active travel is what really makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of my travel experience. I have something to work towards and I feel accomplished in a new place. It helps me set intentions about what I’d like to do, see, and learn, and moving my body in a new space really helps me ‘catch the vibe’ of a new region. Movement is not only medicine, but it’s also a way to deeply connect to the world and people around you.”

A group of women praying while a monk throws water on them

Why Are Women Choosing Active Travel with Backroads?   
Backroads provides a unique experience for women who love the outdoors. We follow the same award-winning Backroads travel model but keep the trips enrolled to only women travelers. Why? Well, beyond your asking for it, we find that we can foster the following ideals within these groups:

- Empowerment and support

- Security and comfort

- Health and wellness

- Positive social dynamics

- Cultural exploration

- Networking and community building

While we’re fostering these ideals on our Women’s Adventures, you can at the same time experience regions like Alaska, Patagonia, Bordeaux, or Sweden all in the presence of other inspiring women adventurers! 

Group of women holding glasses of wine and alcohol while smiling and laughing

Book Your Women’s Trip Today!   
We made these trips for you to connect, explore, relax, and build community. If you’re looking for the same Backroads experience that you know and love but shared in the company of only women, we invite you to check out our Women’s Adventures today! 

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