Czech Republic & Austria Bike Tour Video

The routes and scenery on our Czech Republic and Austria Bike Tour are magnificent, but what truly sets this Backroads trip apart are our local connections. At the farm of Dagmar Havlova, enjoy a private farm-to-table dinner that's more authentic than any on the tourist track. Dive into the country's fascinating history with Helena, our local guide and longtime friend. In the fortress city of Český Krumlov (which our Trip Expert calls home), our friend Alois welcomes you to U Dobraka, a traditional restaurant that was a retreat for free-thinkers during the Communist era and remains a well-kept secret. Then top it off with a private wine estate tour and tasting of famous rieslings and grüner veltliners. Get to know our Czech Republic & Austria Bike Tour with this short video by Backroads leader and videographer David Gallego.

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