5 Benefits of Choosing an E-bike for Your Backroads Trip

A few years ago, electric-assist bikes were known only to cycling enthusiasts. Today, the demand for these nifty cruisers has skyrocketed worldwide for people of all ages and cycling preferences.

Whether you’re an avid rider or looking to get started, there are many benefits to choosing an e-bike for your next biking trip. Here are five reasons it might be a better choice for you, your partner or both!

1. Time to stop and smell the flowers

Going on a 6-day cycling trip can be easier said than done. While some people are drawn to the athletic challenges it brings, others are in it for the scenic and social aspects of the ride. And for some, these pleasures can be overshadowed by the physical effort of biking. With the Backroads pedal-assist electric bike, all you have to do is pedal, and the battery-powered bike does the rest. Even a big climb can feel fun. Now, guests can enjoy each ride the way they want to, smelling the flowers and having laughs and conversations with co-riders and Backroads leaders!

Two guests on roadside, pointing towards horizon, bike behind them.

2. The "Equalizer"

Riding with a partner or friend is not always easy. Some people are stronger cyclists than others, which can limit the experience you share while on a biking trip. E-bikes are great for equalizing the situation. If you need an extra boost to stay up to speed with your partner, or you don’t enjoy the physical challenge as much as they do, e-bikes offer the perfect compromise. Selecting an e-bike for your next Backroads trip can allow you and your partner to have the experience you both want while cycling together!

Man and woman on bike on a stone path to a white building

3. Enjoy the whole trip experience

We know how important vacation is, and we want you to get the most out of yours. An e-bike allows you to wake up each day with fresh legs and a well-rested body to enjoy all the day's activities, completing all the bike rides and enjoying the whole experience of a Backroads cycling trip. Where you might have once opted out in the afternoon, now you can confidently choose to finish each ride and even consider taking the extended options!

Two women sitting on a bench while man is talking to them

4. Our e-bikes are easy to use

If you’ve never ridden an e-bike before or feel nervous about doing it in a foreign country with a group of people, you’ll be pleased to know that our custom-made bikes are easy to ride with safety features built in. Our e-bike has a 15.6-mile speed limit, which means the bike will automatically prevent you from going over that speed when pedaling or when going downhill.

Also, it only generates power when you pedal, so if you ever feel like slowing down, just stop pedaling. It’s one of the lightest e-bikes on the market, making it easy to maneuver and control when riding.

Woman checking on man's electric bike

5. Versatility and fitness benefits

Believe it or not, e-bikes are also very healthy and offer solid exercise. While it might not be the same as a standard bike, it’s still an excellent way to improve your aerobic fitness level. And our e-bike’s custom modes – turbo, eco and tour – offer many different options for how much you want to push yourself.

The tour mode is the standard setting for every Backroads e-bike, but you can switch between them however you’d like. If there’s a steady hill, the turbo mode helps tackle it with some extra power. In contrast, eco preserves energy and gives a different kick than the other two options, which might be better suited for flatter sections and scenic routes. All this depends on how much of a workout you want. If you feel like getting a sweat, you can also switch off the battery entirely to ride it like a regular bike!

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